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      [Story] Oneironaut/Dream Journal

      Hey guys

      I just wanted to share a story that I started to write a few days ago and just finished the first chapter. It also involve some LD-ing.

      I has only write one chapter and it haven't really involve any LD and since I'm also new to LD so I still try to learn more about it (I haven't even got my first LD ) and since this is my first time writing and also since I'm not native english speaker please help me to learn more by giving your feedback. I will really appreciate it.

      Title: (Haven't decided I want it to be simple and can get people who didn't know LD interested to read this since I also want to post this at another forum. The title I have in my head are:
      a. 'Oneironaut' or
      b. 'Dream Journal'
      c. or if you have other suggestion please post it I will appreciate it)
      Theme: Lucid Dreaming, School Life, Comedy, (I also thinking about adding some action)
      Spoiler for Chapter 1:

      1. If you have any question feel free to ask, since I'm sure most of you aren't familiar with the setting since I use Indonesia (my country) as the setting, I also use Indonesian name for the characters (and also the school name)
      2. I haven't work on the other chapters so I think it will take some times until it really finished. I'm posting this here because I want to know if it's good idea or not
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