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      “Try to remember...”

      A young voice whispers from the depth of your mind, as clear as water, and as soon as it's spoken, you hear the sound of a rain.

      Emotions ripple in your body, and your cautious eyes open.

      There is a great torrent over endless damp fields, from grey that whizzes in the sky. Your eyes flicker, and in that frame, a woman of short length, black hair, appears a reach away.

      Her countenance is stricken, but she has an aura about her that speaks of faith.

      All of a sudden she is in panic as she notices you; she falls to the ground and crawls backward. Her hazel-coloured eyes are fired-up, and they are fixed on yours, until the moment she recollects memories that have her lost in thought.

      Her felled brow puts contrast to fine detail of her face; freckles on her nose look like a starry night, and like the moon, her white skin looms in the background.

      Her fiery eyes open again, and close – she looks to have sight on a dream.

      She snaps into focus; the bridge of her celestial nose creases up to her frown, but this time her eyes miss yours by an inch. She ignores you and stands, a wise expression crosses her.

      She falls to one knee, holding her heart with both hands.

      Her gentle mouth opens and she starts to speak in demonic tongue. Her eyes open wider, and her voice gets louder; until the last words depart her soft lips.


      Exclaimed, with her last breath.

      The scene starts to shift, strangely, as she rises up and into a turn, bridging a gap between this world and another. Your focus zooms around her path, and you feel infinite as you're taken away.

      A white light is becoming you, but suddenly the woman falters, and all fades to black.

      You have eyes on a scene that plays lucidly up ahead, casting light and a shadow over the fallen woman.

      You see a buggy speed across sand; and at the wheel is a soldier, equipped with full sepia armour and mask. The holes over his eyes are topped with small lenses, and the low of his mask is narrow and tightened; a metal cap on his mouth marks a blank expression.

      His foot hits the brakes to a flair shot high a mile in front. The buggy skids, leaving waves of sand in it's wake.

      He says with electronic interference in his voice, as the vehicle comes to a halt. He watches the blaze drop as his foot slams the acceleration.

      He steers sharply, and the vehicle darts off in the opposite direction.

      Your view on this event is fleeting to another place. You watch as the woman's clothes ware away until she looks fit for a desert, to which she stands.

      Your periphery edges into into a house, and it gets darker. You are pulled up stairs, and taken to a second floor – your gaze barely dodging the woman's.

      She looks at you, and as you look back, the scene and her are one.

      From the shadows, an arm is raised, and it's pushes around her neck; a veiled face and another arm are half-enlightened.

      There is a sudden tension. The girl lets out a tearful sound as the shade grasps her mouth.

      Her captor looks up, directly into your eyes, before he pulls her into the darkness, and you lose sight of the situation.

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