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      Tataglia's Art Journey

      Hi everyone,

      The prospect of one day being able to combine lucid dreaming and art is exciting. That's why, I thought, let's just start an art thread anyway. There's no rush.

      A few weeks ago, before I left to Southern France, I had a bit of time to make this study of a beach girl. I had just downloaded new Photoshop brushes. Still need to get used to them. Though, most of my paintings are made with the standard round Ps brush.

      Beach girl.jpg

      This one is a study from a year ago. Eyes are a bit off. But I'm proud of how I've done the hair and the goggles. I've learned a lot from CtrlPaint of how to paint digitally. I can't recommend it enough and it's free. I'm still not through all the art books and online components that I want study.

      Painting practice.jpg

      These two paintings have one thing in common. The references are from quickposes. Sometimes I stumble on photos that I might want to study more closely.

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      I just started learning how to paint in photoshop, and this is certainly beyond anything I am capable of at the moment. Gives me something to work towards.

      BTW you should consider uploading your work to Imgur or Deviantart and linking through to the website, that way you don't have these tiny thumbnails and we can see your art in all its glory.

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      Thanks JadeGreen,
      I now have a Deviant page.
      I can now upload in full resolution.

      I'll put some spoiler tags around it because the images can be quit large.
      This one I made for d&d, an rpg. I made 10 thumbnail sketches prior. Not quite happy with it.
      Spoiler for Bard Concept:

      I wanted to help with the logo design of the online component of the LDGTTC. In the early stages it was called Rational Dreamer. I had to re-imagine a butterfly-brain hybrid in a detailed pencil sketch. I opted for simplicity. It was fun practise.
      In the end it became Reality Nomad with the current saturn-logo to give it's own identy but still linking it to the book series.
      Spoiler for Rational Dreamer concepts:

      Here's a puffin.
      Spoiler for Puffin:

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