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      Story Concept for Final Fantasy Styled Game

      The main character's name means good light, he is against evil light on his planet. The cover art for this game would be the protagonist in a calm blue to depict forethought, and in black the antagonist with with two handguns. They cross each other.

      The main character is a tactician, he leads a hero character in sepia, greyscale, blue and red, and two in black. These are all the hero characters in the game, some come later.

      The antagonist is in command of the speed of light, he has two handguns that orbit him at the speed of light. Magic in this game is based on the speed of light, and some characters are not effected. The main character, sepia and greyscale characters are not effected.

      The sepia character is a super solider in sepia coloured advanced armour with headgear.

      The greyscale character is a spy, in dark and light grey espionage gear.

      The main character is tactician, but also a marksman holding one handgun...

      The antagonist is the depiction of War, and all hero characters including the protagonist are reflections of War, to varied degrees.

      The protagonist is humane, he shouts orders and is an influential character. He speaks profoundly and has a great heart. He represents what's nearest to good light, while the antagonist is what's against good light.

      Enemies in the game are abstractions of weaponry, dimensional creatures or other humans.

      The protagonist makes a promise to his planet, that he will make the light good. The lore of the speed of light is that it's irreversible but it was discovered by the antagonist.

      The human body is effected by evil light, some can harness it's power and use it for good, and they are called magic artists. Their art is volatile, and they do not have full control, rather, they are skilled enough to manipulate evil light.

      Some are physically immune, some are diseased or abstracted by evil light. The premise is that evil light effects all, but the effect has spread, with different velocity. For the protagonist, the effect is only the experience of the story.

      Magic is as you would expect in a final fantasy styled game; the elements, time, space, etc. In this game, magic is speed of light themed; and there would be new magic unthought of: dimensional magic; manipulating universal forces; evil magic; manipulating individual forces.

      Evil magic and dimensional magic are scarce, they are signs in the story, of how it could end in a good or evil light.

      Evil magic is what it is, an evil, black substance. Dimensional magic is of an epic nature, starry and swirling. It's the possibility of dimensional magic that guides the protagonist and his friends, and evil magic is opposed.

      I theorize that these special types of magic are event-driven, appearing as 'combo-breaks', 'limit-breaks' or 'special-events'.

      Sepia and Greyscale characters are male and female, fatherly and motherly, partners. They both make a sacrifice she puts herself in danger, and he conquers the danger.

      The Red and Blue characters are a white mage and black mage; Blue is attuned with water, and Red is attuned with fire. They are magic artists, and thus have harnessed evil light.

      The additional two Black characters represent disease and abstraction. They are superficial Sepia and Greyscale characters, formed out of evil light. They are event-driven but with constant use successful combos allow for more advanced than Sepia and Greyscale commands.

      There are battles all over the world, but the theme is more orientated around a utopia and a dystopia side opposed desert and flourishing conditions with areas of transition.

      In the end, the protagonist defeats the antagonist, and evil light is conquered. The main character dies in the final battle, and the universe becomes attuned with dimensional magic.

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      I like the whole duality surrounding the story. Do you have any enemy sketches? What boss battles do you have in mind? Is it going to be a traditional style RPG, or will it have a twist?

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      I have not thought of or produced any of the sort, however, I have an excellent 'finishing touch', and can add so many, of what you would call 'dualities', to this design.

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