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    Thread: Dream poetry from my pen (SidneyLouis)

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      Post Dream poetry from my pen (SidneyLouis)

      As I'm sure is true for many (if not most) of you fine folks, I draw much inspiration from my dreams. I'll post the occasional example in this thread, and I thank you in advance for sparing some of your time in reading them

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      falling, asleep

      i may slip, i may trip,
      but i'll never lose my grip.
      I keep on this tip — words spill from my lip;
      my cup overflows,
      and i sip.
      as sure as the path cut in the air by an arrow
      is my manifest destiny —
      to open and unfold.

      i'd give my left arm
      i'd give my body
      to be reborn as a tree,
      limbs spread and
      whose only job is to co-mingle earth & sky,
      and whose true pleasure is the yoga
      of ST R E T C H I N G
      just a little more each day.

      in my dreams, i fight the battles my ego picks
      on a different field
      than the sun-drenched day's.

      in my dreams,
      i find myself miles underwater
      and running out of air --
      but, i can breathe this liquid,
      and i am suspended in amniotic bliss.

      i dream that i fall,
      and the ground spells my doom
      in a green and growing rush
      i deny its eager embrace
      by reclaiming my wings
      and carving my lucid joy into the sky.

      you may see me falling
      on the other side of night —
      don't worry;
      i'm just picking up speed.


      undated, untitled, from an old journal
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      Love it! I think we can all relate to it. Thank you for sharing it.

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