Apparently i cant post a link until ive been a member for a week, ill be posting music then but in the meantime if you guys want to hear what i have to offer, search Gray Skies Above on facebook we have two songs up currently there and the rest of our cd comes out 8 days from now. Also check out my other band static signal, you can find them through facebook, itunes, spotify, band camp. if you listen to them you wont hear me physically playing, they have an album they released before i was in the band but that album is mind blowing and the absolute reason i joined that band despite already being a somewhat busy person. its worth it for the music, and i will be involved in any of their future releases and play all those songs with them regularly. i dont know if anyone really cares, i have a slight narcissism issue in the sense that i really love what i do and feel like i was put here to do something, and this is it. if you have time to listen to some tunes i would encourage you to, but if not thats cool. im just gonna do what i do