mankind's journey In a stunning dualisc role. international and universal laws and truth behold. forgotten except to the kings and queens of unknown mystery & renown. there identity secret. the seekers of truth and the dreaming people. are you one of them you may ask yourself. action confronted with consequence. and the great void. a sinister form of power that escaped from an advanced and powerful parallel sub dimension. its purpose and mission. intent on killing you in your dreams. especially those who are capable of achieving lucid and astral states. better be aware of this secret your life could be at stake. your life's mission may depend on it. your alter ego's hunts within the realms seen and not seen. a fateful battle between good and evil that changes humanity perceptions of reality and forces him to examine the evil hidden within himself. learning the secrets of the subconscious of your other selves. even the people and beings around him. welcome to the first hell my friend.There is not one universe. but there are many indeed. which is a multi spiritual multiverse. i Suppose you thought you were the only one to have had these thoughts. these are the roads that have long been explored and perceived by many minds before. Your not special. your legendary my friend. but there are many other versions of you in the other universes. some evil. some good. at the core of it all. you are one. but you are blind to it. i have woken in other bodies i swear it. another life. a glitch of the mind some may call it. and even in the deep dark of the subconscious mind. Your dreams. oh yes. oh yes. yes i know you don't care about your dreams. only the rare few actually love their god given dreams. even actually being able to be fully conscious in them at will. a gift it truly is. a true treasure lost to the people and many more to those who don't care for them.The people who don't dream are dead inside. a aboriginal once told me. people who don't dream are invisible. to dreamers like myself. the dream world is only a blink away. there are ways to travel of cause. but the path is a lonely path. to much of an evil giant on this here rock. people caring only for themselves. and the great misunderstandings everyone is guilty of. even myself. driving the sword that parts them. separating them. driving those away. slicing away. keeping there secrets safe. the castle guarded. archers with shining bows. the disco flashing its holy lights beyond heaven's pearly gates. the open bar and music blaring. the people dancing. will the throne be occupied god only knows. you can travel too. but it comes with a price. travel should be by rights. not studied by the many. and by common folk. righteously so. i'm one of gods dark and light knights. a hybrid of darkness and light. i should know. of neither light nor dark i serve. i walk the middle path. i killed another version of you in self-defense.i laughed later. you didn't know what you were doing. funny man. if i cared about you. i would have prayed for you. instead i spat on you and avoided you. It made the other version of you stronger though i was impressed. i still laughed at you. When a few of you heard about my acts. you ganged up on me. you nearly had me. but you didn't have love inside of you. to guide you. and a dark form started to form on the horizon. a big one was walking through the sea. treading blood as he rushed upon the shores of forgetfulness. you became power crazy. killing the 124 people standing on that beach. how dare you. your a monster now. you should destroy your self. i may be bad. but i would never sell my soul. your a coward too. walking hand in hand with the void i can see. see how i am not blind. as you kill the innocents standing around. too weak to defend themselves from you and her. your heart has been captured by the very essence of evil it self. the void and you are becoming one. i saw this coming but it came sooner than i expected. we knights know what's to come. the void won't let go. it truly never forgets nor forgives. its grip is always stronger against those that submit. look at what its making you do now. the prison haves you now. who its really trying to kill is you now. its trying to absorb you into itself now. a few other knights are placing money on my fight with it. i cant dance with bloody money. i let them have there laughs. i laugh and giggle behind there backs. money is a lower thing. the others aren't as advanced as me and never will be. there fools to think i want to hear them speak. i got evil beings to kill and enemies always afoot. the void strengths even frightens me. now ill have to arrest you before you can do more harm. even with the void inside of you empowering you. truth is kid. you don't even know me and your more chaotic then i ever was. There is a possibility that the universe could die of laughter. watching me pity you. feeling sorry for you. enough of this useless chatter. its time you know just who i am.i am one of the watchers. that overcame the void & claimed the light long ago . its scar never faded from the body you now see. under my dark robes and this very hood. nobody can see.
see this foot. its about to kick you in the face. sorry about kicking you all around the place. but you got more to come. i'm going to dance all over you. the voids power is weak to mine. i can become empty too. cant you.
the void i told you. to get lost. i wouldn't break under you. you know i won. your using his very weakness against him. in all the dimensions i killed him in. making him commit sin in not just in physical form but spiritual dimensions as well. i lost my physical body because of you. kid you lost your way. get the hell outer my way i got things to say to this piece spiritual crap. you even tried to seduce me. your horrible freaking reptilian body all over me. using people like a puppet master. acting like there master. contracts written in blood. there souls forever entrapped within you. there soul essence powering you. the whore of Babylon is what you are. what you did to me i will never forgive nor will i ever forget. as i sent light roaring into your empty hole. where your heart had to be i thought. you couldn't sneak past me could you. i laughed within myself. i knew what you were spewing out were lies. that's why i tried to burn you with the white light i carry. i was testing you. i knew there was no way you could've past the test. the pain you inflicted upon me after the burn to your heart was great. i thought i was out of my league. but i overcome you. booted you far in the guts. sent you flying all over the place. that's when i realized i was surrounded by your underlings. yous had me surrounded. a circle within the void. beings in dark hooded robes. shadows beings nest the intent. mother to them even then. why won't you stop. spitting out these evil children. i thought to myself. i won't put up with you long into the future. time that's yet to come. for always i'll remember you. that is the price i paid. mine alone to carry. the greatest of burdens you can not imagine. all of the others will forget you in time to come. you are forgotten already in the minds of the future. our fights were great i have to admit. you made me stronger. but you gave up on me when i wouldn't sell out to ya. and give you all that i am. i won't be your loyal servant. your followers will be mine tho. your home will be mine. what's yours is mine. i will dance inside of you again. your guys won't see me coming. but then it will be to late by the time they see me. all their energies will be mine. even the filth you left behind. even all your gold and treasures will be mine. im even tempted to drain even you. walking right in your shoes. i feel like spitting on your freaking corpse. im even tempted to kill you right now. but hey i ain't no spiritual dippy. i get my orders from high above. you my friend have a purpose. your skills won't matter much though. when that time comes when we finally bury you. but hey you knownth this or not. we could even know the time when that's to come. maybe we will keep you around for a laugh and stuff. knowth this or not. we could even be laughing behind your back. how does that sound to you. do you hear me? have you gone deaf? or have you lost your tongue again haven't we. your a bloody evil witch. casting your spells upon the unsuspecting.
i will be the one that kills you one day. i will sleep at the end of my journey. when i take your place. let you all go ungoverned. your army won't remain for long. not with me at all your switches and gauges. that you use to torture the very people you gave birth too.
i will be the best king there is. i serve the prince on high. Jesus taught me his light. i will use it to destroy you. and the very kingdom you created. your heart won't take it. i know it. cause you'll be dead. yes i'm smiling. you just seen it. the greatness. light sent me from above. i'm smiling even more now. if i don't stop it. i will be laughing all over the place. even in your very face. kid i can't believe this. you wanna serve this? look at me mate. look at how i shine. you could have served me and been my squire. you made your choice. there is no take backs in this game. i will spit on you kid if you dare ask me now. now don't you feel disgusted with yourself. selling your soul to this to empower yourself.
when. you could of served something actually worth while. i feel sorry for you. i hope you give me forgiveness for killing you all over time and space. truth is friend. this is only for you and me to know. you are my last kill. i can speak as loud as i want. the void cant hear us. not having ears to hear us is fun. but if we were within its heart it would be another story. a darker one. a place where even i fear to tread. void don't worry what we are saying. i see you there glaring me me. trying to burn holes through me. enough of this. it has to come quicker. to bury you in your final grave. action and consequence always ordering me. really saving you. thinking maybe we should give you a second chance. yes now you smile don't you?. i can see. i'll probably make you laugh this time.
but i know why you laugh. cause your laughter. brings pain. i remember how i was first laughed at by your kind. and then when i finally encountered you. the greatest laughter i ever have heard. yes you hurt me. but i got over it. i am stronger now because of it. cometh at me! i say. i dare you. but will you. i question it always. having you peek at me from the dark corners and streets of the night behind trees under mother moon light. you won't. i challenged your children's attacks that followed our first encounter. don't you remember. you came to me when i was 5. scared me to death. you didn't care. you threw me like lightning. i remember. but i got you. i wouldn't look at you. im angry at you for that. your going to pay for that. i'm coming back. you guys aren't so bright. revealing all your powers and secrets. to me. the weapon you actually created. im one of your children and i hate you. for that. i'm going to kill you and that's that. i have tried to tell the multitudes about you. they laughed at me too. they really think that could hurt me. i'll take a gun and shoot my self in the face no worries mate! i seen you and there's nothing compared to it to you nor i. pity the fools over a drink sometime. your there fate to come to. you and i. i pity the fools. to the ones that got in my face and said nothing of what i said was christian and true putting me on a fool. pity the fools. nourishment for me latter. like a vampire. there blood mine. i see it. does anyone hear it. ears to listen. a mouth to speak there own. a mind to ponder what i to say. to those who don't. even more. for me to play with as i see fit. a knight now i am. a king i am becoming. i know it. i saw it.
i feel guilty laughing about there fates trapped within the outer darkness that has everyone else blind cause they don't know there fate. trapped with me and you wont be a picnic mate. set yourself free. if i laugh at you too. forgive me i forget how it feels.
but your in for a hard time now mate. the light fades from you even now when i speak. can you feel it. whats it feel like to lose yourself. can you describe it to me in detail. turn around and look at it. yeah your going to become one with it. you cant back out now. your name is on the hit list. enough of this im leaving you two alone. your death will come now if you want. go ahead and challenge me then. you wont. cause i bested you all over the place. in other universes you too void lay dead. laying at the others feet. we all shared inner connected. we will never forgive you for your crimes.what you represent. your soul begone. our blade has you on the run. i followed the blood. and we both know it. our lack of forgiveness for you. our sin to bare. your the last one then it is done. then my brothers and i can party again.
the end

inspired by the movie the-one staring jet lee and my personal experiences