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    Thread: Freedom.

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      On the road to Freedom.


      This poem was inspired while I was in Washington D.C. for a band trip. Specifically while looking at the Reflecting Pool which lies in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Anyway, this poem has a Spiritual message to it: so if you're not like that, please don't get offended, it's just how I write. Rather--please rate the poem on its content rather than its message if you're not a religious person. Thanks. (Oh, and I thought about putting this in the religious forum, but I mean, all poems are supposed to go here--so if I put it in the wrong place: sorry about that. At least I tried! )


      I gaze and look upon a road, that's filled with fallen dead
      The ones who did not see the light and wouldn't allow themselves to be led
      When, despite the call, they rejected the greatest commandment said
      Rejection of the glorious Spirit ended with them Spiritually dead

      How can we miss the grandeur of God's glory all around?
      When Nature itself quakes the earth declaring the Lord's renown;
      The anthem screaming of His power, manifested in every creature found
      Declares the glory, of His might, and we can find it all around.

      While sometimes the simplicity might take away wonder it seems
      In fact it's just the opposite if you take time to reflect the themes;
      The true complexity magnifies reality what seems only possible in dreams,
      And the awesome glory of the Lord is unveiled from bonded seams.

      And we, who with unveiled faces, all reflect the Lord's glory;
      The humbling occurrence of acknowledging supremacy causes our observatory,
      And we stand in awe, in knowledge that we're looking at the story
      Of God's love, sacrifice, and mercy--all to reveal His glory.

      So what do we find when we see the road to everlasting light?
      When we're not dead; like the aforementioned who lost their true sight?
      When we see the glory, that pierces the darkness of the blackest night?
      When we find ourselves standing in awe, in the midst of our Lord's light?

      What is it that we find when complexity reveals power at last?
      When the simplistic beauty paradoxes certain truths tightly held fast?
      When we, who with unveiled faces look upward with our eyes cast?
      When we find the secret, the special knowledge, revealed to us at last?

      Freedom. Simple. There it is, no explanation now I'm done.
      When we see the light, the glory, the road, with now the race being run,
      When the ultimate prize has been claimed, and the greatest gift is won,
      Among this, once all said, there is one thing found, and that is freedom.

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      I really enjoyed reading this poem and I will read it again when I'm more awake. The only thing that was messing me up was the meter, but that's not that hard to fix. It just makes it flow a little smoother.

      I am also a Christian, and the imagery of being unveiled has been something that touches me personally. I'd love to see if you have any other works. Keep it up

      "If there was one thing the lucid dreaming ninja writer could not stand, it was used car salesmen."


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