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    Thread: Kinda long....

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      I'm Not Sure

      Kinda long....

      Help me out here

      Can you feel the taste that burns?
      Open up to surroundings
      This is what you fear more,
      Adrenaline stages often to fly,
      Eyes locked on playfulness,
      Already screaming your alive and well,
      Lies to grant yourdelf freedom,
      What is this I've come to?
      Someone would you help me?
      Don't threaten me I may say yes.

      Unmistakeable sounds of emotions
      Weaveing itself toward your inner developed,
      Turn your thoughts around to find me
      I just want to lay in my own cruelty
      Hauntning myself for you.....

      Is this what I'm good for?
      A body for you to burn and create?
      A mind to drown in deception?
      You can't even guess my thoughts,
      I can't unlock my own past memories,
      You lie when you say you know,
      I can't make up my mind anymore....

      Roll me over,
      Turn off the lights,
      Grab me by my shoulders,
      Tell me how much you care about me,
      Then stick a knife thru my throat,

      I want to feel the coldness dig through me,
      I want to free my soul from your grasp,
      You only have me in my thoughts,
      A voice in my mind I can't control,
      I want to feel my life drain from me,
      I've only become..., what you have told....
      Sorry it's so long and boring. I had alot on my mind when I wrote this. I hope you like it?

      Are we dreaming?

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      That is really emotional. Definitely not boring.

      You have great talent frozen. I know your style and you never dissappoint. Thanks. Keep dreaming.


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