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      Heaven Bleeds...

      Exactly what went through your head?
      Tell me what was it he said?
      I think you may have been misled,
      Many Angels were found dead.

      They could not see through your disguise,
      You had the element of surprise,
      The hate that caused their demise,
      Was feeding on the Demon's lies.

      Those words left you with no fear, no shame,
      Pure evil that you cannot tame,
      Just another pawn in his little game,
      Heaven bleeds... and you're to blame...


      Do you remember the only time I cried?
      When all my tears I could not hide?
      Even though salvation I would be denied,
      On that day I let Revenge become my guide.

      Fury began to take it's toll,
      I could not find a way out of my hole,
      My heart became as black as coal,
      I decided then to sell my soul.

      The Demon came to me, but this you allowed,
      Sweet words of vengance he said out loud,
      With his power and wisdom I was endowed,
      Now heaven bleeds... and I am proud...
      Early Morning Moment,
      A Glimpse of Joy,
      But soon it's Over, and I return to Dust...

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      Intense poem. A little against my religion with the selling your soul stuff, but I am all for free speech and free expression and I like it. Good work.
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      The dream is real, my friends. The failure to realize it is the only unreality.
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      Your signature would fit nicely in that poem. I think.
      I am going to have nightmares.


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