The Adventures Of Saftey Bob
In the future they wont ask "paper or plastic?
"The groceries fly, and you'll scream. Fantastic
the food eats itself too if you ask it
oh, and world is made of elastic

Part 1
In this elastic world lived Safety Bob
He was a good citezen and he didn't smoke pot
he elasticized everything that he got
to protect himself form the Master Robot

The Master Robot was a masterfull thing
he had cool blinking lights, and electric wings
He toppled buildings and overthrew kings
and all the while he liked to sing

Saftey Bob was scared of the Master
and his master plan, crazy electric bastard
to take over the world, and he'd do it faster
but Safety Bob made all of his plans a disaster

Remember what happened three space years ago
the Robot attacked the great nation, the US of O
But Bob had lot's of elastic so...
He bounced him back to and fro

Part 2
Saftey Bob was a very good citezen
he paid all his taxes, calculating the dividens
he'd work hard, come home and watch re-runs of Gilligan
He thought, "They're more free on that Island, than under King Lidigan"

Great King Lidigan was a very kind King
Raising taxes to pay for all the wars he's fighting
And yes, he made it illegal to sing
He did it for us. He did the right thing.

It cost money to execute those who commit treason
By not paying taxes, during tax season
So, the taxes were high for a very good reason
Why won't they give in to the the USO legion?

Part 3
One day while Bob was in his hide-out station
He heard a disturbing allegation
That the Robot was planning a massive invasion
Bob would have to cancell his planned vacation

So, he loaded his elastic into his truck
all his equipment. All his cool stuff
He even brought his human foot for good luck.
he thought "this Robot's gonna get fucked up".

The Robot was coming but Bob wasn't scared
He had lot's of elastic, so he was prepared.
And the funny elastic suit that he'd wear.
"The Robot should be here now. But where?"

And out of the sky came the Master Robot
His eyes we're bright and Red Hot.
He pulled out a weapon and it smelled like pot.
Before Bob could re-act, he pulled the trigger and shot.

Part 4

Bob fell back stunned, and slightly dazed.
But he was still alive. Not even grazed.
But he felt different. He felt strange.
And then he looked up at the Robots gaze.

And he no longer saw an evil machine
He felt as if suddenly his mind was clean.
And for the first time he'd actually seen.
The world around him, was beautiful and mean.

Bob looked around at all the elastic
And he didn't stop the Robot as he started to smash it.
Bob pictured all of those buried caskets,
filled with people who died for thier country, poor bastards.

Bob had been working for the King since he was six.
Just thinking of that made him feel real sick.
But then he just started feeling pissed.
He was so mad that he clenched his fists.

But before he could act he heard something.
He heard the Master Robot sing
And, wow, was that an amazing thing.
"Music was outlawed? What's wrong with the King?"

Bob's anger was quickly replaced with peace.
The Robot's attack had finally ceased.
All of the elastic gone, and replaced with fleece.
The Robot looked happy to let all of that energy release.

"Fleece" Bob thought,"is nice for a change."
He finally felt released from his cage.
Felt like he was finally on the right page.
A new life awaits him. He's set the stage.