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      DREAM - The Trilogy

      Hey guys! I was waiting for the right time to post this, mainly because I needed to summarize my three stories, but I've done it so, read the introduction to: DREAM - The Trilogy . . .

      DREAM - The Trilogy consists of three volume sets of novels. The main plot to dream is primarily dealing with younger generations of people- kids mainly, being awoken, reborn rather, into a world known to them only as, the dream world or Dreamscape. DREAM is supposed to stand for something, but I have yet to find something that, well- 'clicks'. The three volume sets are, DREAM: Awakenings, DREAM: Chronicles, and DREAM: Destinies. The stories follow the lives of imperitive people in the dream world. I'll summarize these stories so that you can formulate an idea of what I'm talking about.

      DREAM: Awakenings - This is the first of the three volume sets. In one particular volume, the story follows the life of a young, twelve-year-old boy named, Dominic. He is given a powerful and magic medallion by his grandfather that hold within it a very crucial secret to his past family's life. As Dominic discovers the secret the medallion holds he is awoken into a new world- Dreamscape. There he meets a young boy, Darren (from volume one), who is of dream hierarchy. He tells Dominic about the dream world and why he is there. Dominic meets many other 'dream newcomers' in the dream world, who are all eventually, too, told about Dreamscape. Dominic finds out that the dream world consists of many different dream scenes, which hold their own dream scenarios, which have their own objectives- which Dominic must ultimately complete . . .

      DREAM: Chronicles - Second in the three-set series, DREAM: Chronicles tells of Dreamscape's (the dream world's) past, present, and eventual future . . . It is all told in the narrative by a young mortal boy who is to play a deeply vital province in the shaping of the dream world and reality. His name is only known as- Malachi . . .

      DREAM: Destinies - The closing chapter in this deep-rooted quest through the dream world. It starts where Chronicles left off- Everyone who was awoken to the dream world find out that in the beginning- the dream scenes, the dream scenarios, the dream objetives- it was all apart of an elaborate game, or strategic scheme. The dream world that they were shown was just a small interest of the true Dreamscape. They realize that they have just now broken the surface of finding the dream world's many secrets. Everyone goes their separate ways, many leave the dream world to reality never to return, while others do the reverse. Still some are so dependant upon the DSSO system (dream scene, scenario, and objective) that they remain lost in their own dreams and the menial realm of Dreamscape. This is where everyone uncovers their real, true self and existence in life, and this is where the book is closed.

      There is obviously going to be a lot of changes happening while I am in process of writing these novels- ie: name changes, plot restructuring, adding ideas, eliminating and taking out insubordinate and irrelevant ideas, etc. But, what do you think so far? Perhaps you want to know more about the stories? I really want to hear your opinions. Maybe you can add some ideas of your own.
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      I have to say that sounds like a cool idea. I'd like to read some of the chapters if you are planning to let other people see them.

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      Sounds pretty interesting...almost like The matrix for kids If you need any "beta testers" to read through anything PM me
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      Wow, it sound good so far. Maybe DREAMS can stand for Denstiny Rides Everywhere A Man Sees (lol, that was off the top of my demented head )

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