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      All you need to know is where you are . . .

      Excerpts from Kanji's Stories

      Most of these are rough drafts that might need some editing or mor detail. Feel free to share your opinions. I'd like to hear them. I'm very anxious to here what you guys have to say. So enjoy the previews!

      Seven Blades ~ . . . I was off to Europe. Racing across land and sea, I was ready to take on the world. I pushed my cobra on forward once I could see the shoreline. It took me longer to get to Europe because I had to go straight back through North America. It would have been faster to cross the waters to Africa, but it was easier to cross the land to Europe.
      As soon as I made successfulness into Europe, I went to the nearest town to lodge-in for the day.
      I put the canteen to my dry lips and drank some of the sake. I was tired and hungry. I saw a town just over a mountain range. I would go there and then ask for some food and lodging.
      “Hello, there!” I called as I came up to the townspeople.
      “Hello, traveler. What have you come for?”
      “I have traveled many miles to your country. I need food and shelter for the night. I have brought silver coins from the North.”
      One of the persons came to me. “Come this way.” He said gesturing towards an alley.
      I followed him into the alley. I saw doors that were those of houses, I guessed. The man then showed me to a door and opened it. I went in after him and saw a woman standing over by a stove boiling a pot of water and a man standing by a built in cage that held a cow. There was a younger woman, a girl, no more than seventeen with long golden-brown braids, sitting on a single bed.
      “Oh, hello stranger,” The woman by the stove began to speak. She had long brown hair tied into a bun and a long dress pictured with flowers. “What brings you here?” she asked.
      “ My name is Xion, I have come from far North. I am on a quest and your town has what I’m looking for, but I am terribly hungry and need much rest. I have coins to give you if you let me stay.”
      I looked around the small house. It had a bed in one corner and a table and chairs over in another. The only decorations they had were two small round pots.
      She looked at me carefully. I looked over to the man by the cow-stall. He was eyeing me suspiciously. Looking me up and down.
      “What’s in the sack?” he said pointing to the black pack slung across my shoulder.
      “Nothing. Just items for my journey,” I answered.
      “Oh really. Empty the sack then,” He said challengingly.
      I hesitated for a moment. I knew that they would send me out as soon as they saw how heavily armed I was.
      My hand trembled as I reached over to my pack. I grabbed the bottom, ready to tip it over and empty the contents onto the floor.
      “Come on now. We don’t have all day,” The man taunted.
      Just when I was about to dump the weaponry onto the floor, three men had burst into the room. Two were big and burly with long beards and dark eyes. One stood in the middle. He was smaller than the other two men, but he was suited with armor and armed with a rapier.
      The middleman was the first to speak. “It’s payday, John.”
      He sneered. He was looking at the man that had brought me in.
      “Please, I don’t have any money. I am trying to-“
      “Shut-up, I’ve had enough of your excuses!” the middleman snapped. “You know the penalty for not paying the taxes. We shall be here tomorrow to take your property. And maybe even your pretty little girl.”
      “Leave Alyssa alone!” the woman in the flower dress said.
      He ignored her and made his way over to the bed. He leaned over and began to caress her face gently. She pulled her face away. He grabbed her by the chin roughly and raised his hand, ready to slap her. The man by the cow-stall dashed over and grabbed the man’s hand. The two other men hurried at him; I pulled out my sword and held it in their faces, daring them to make a move. They backed away.
      The man in with the cutlass pulled it out and took a slash at the man in the green shirt. With a quick movement of flashing metal, I jumped from my position at the stove and made six lightning fast slashes. the man in the armor hadn’t even realized what happened until his sword and armor clattered to the wood floor in pieces.
      “Leave the girl alone.” I said coldly.
      All was silent in the small room. The three men were nervous and mad. The man that held the girl’s face let her go. He then unsheathed another sword and lunged at me!
      I easily dodged it and leg-swept him. He lay on the floor with the point of my blade at his neck.
      “If you were smart you’d leave right now,” I said still keeping my eyes fixed on him. “Or maybe you’d want to end up like that armor there on the floor.”
      He nodded his head and slowly got to his feet.
      I reached into my pack and pulled out a bagful of silver coins and tossed it to the man.
      “This should be enough to last them for the rest of their days. Don’t come back, you understand?”
      They nodded and then ran out the door. I looked at the family to see if they were okay.
      I walked over to the girl. “Are you okay?” I asked.
      She nodded her head. “Yes, I’m fine.”
      John came over to thank me. “Thank you. You have helped us in our time of need. Is there anything that we can do for you?”
      “Well actually there is. I’m looking for a castle.”
      “A castle?” John asks.
      “Yes, it has something that I seek.”
      “The only castle here is that of the Oboro Clan. You mustn’t go there it is too dangerous.”
      “Yes, If King Shinobi finds out that you are there he will surely kill you,” The girl added.
      “Yes. King Shinobi does not take kindly to strangers.” The man by the cow-stall added.
      “I must, I have no choice.”
      John looked at me with kindly eyes. “Then you will get there. I will take you by morning.”
      “Thank you.”
      “Now get some sleep, you will have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”

      I was the first person awake the next day. I packed my stuff silently, so as not to wake the others. Orco was perched up on the cow stall, ever alert.
      “Come Orco, we must go.” I said.
      I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye, but I had to. A warrior’s destiny was calling for me. Orco flew onto my shoulder, and then I started toward the door.
      The big round pot that sat near the door was knocked over by my foot. It made a loud THUD noise when it toppled over. I saw a shiny green gem fall out of it.
      “What are you doing up? You are surely not leaving, are you?” Alyssa asked.
      I spun around quickly. “Yes. I must. It is my destiny.” I said proudly.
      “Will I ever see you again?” she asked curiously.
      “Maybe. But if I don’t come back,” I reached into my pack and handed her a charm-bracelet, “Take this to remember me by.”
      Alyssa looked at the charm with starry eyes.
      “Xion!” she called just before I left.
      “Yes?” I said as I turned around.
      She walked over to a small cupboard and pulled out a bottle of milk and a bag of dried oats.
      “Take these with you on your journey. It’s not much, but if you get hungry it would give you something to eat.”
      “Thank you. I bid you farewell, Alyssa.”
      “Oh Xion, before you go, I want to give you something else as a token of my appreciation.”
      Alyssa knelt down beside the pot that I knocked over and picked up the green gem.
      “It’s an emerald. I want you to have it. I won’t take no for an answer.”
      I could see arguing would get me nowhere, so I reluctantly took the jewel. I wanted her to keep it because she needed it more than me, but I would soon see how much these gems would help me . . .

      From a scale of one to five, five being the highest, how would you rate this story? Be truthful guys.
      It's only beyond the gate that we realize what our dreams really are . . .

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      All you need to know is where you are . . .
      Seven Blades ~ . . . “But--“
      “Trust me young one. You will learn of your past. And you will also learn what is to be of your future. I’m just taking you to your rightful surroundings.”
      “Huh . . . what do you mean?”
      “ . . . This is where you were born and raised, by your mother and father. The king and queen.
      “The king and queen?”
      “Yes. You were to be the rightful heir to the throne. You were the young prince, along with your fifteen-year-old brother Genjuro. He and your father, Zankuro, a radiant powerful samurai, were extremely skilled swordsmen. That’s where you inherit your abilities. Such a great family you were. And the way your mother and father ruled the land with supremacy. I always thought of your father as--“
      “What happened to them?”
      “My parents, what happened to them?”
      “Oh . . . well . . . One day, there was a feud raging between your father and his rival Asra. Asra wanted to rule the Land of Arden, but your father would not allow it. He wanted the reign to follow only through family bloodline. Asra was infuriated by his refusal, and in retaliation he called on an army. Including the Mage Knights, a highly trained band of assassins. He tried to also side with the Oboro Clan, but their whereabouts were unknown. Zankuro’s messenger, Ky Kiske, came to inform him a day before the attack. Zankuro said there was nothing to worry about and that he would send out two thousand soldiers to take down the army. As the king had ordered two thousand men went out. Three weeks later, there was a message from the king’s informer that all but nine men were killed. Those who did survive, were either mortally wounded or in terrible shock. They too soon died. The last words from them was muffled, but in the distance you could here the screaming shouts, “ . . . a demon . . . and some . . . assassins. The M-“ They never heard the last words of the samurai. Your father then took action and set out to destroy Asra once and for all. Asra sent the Mage Knights after him, but he was too skilled a fighter to be defeated so easily. With the help of your brother, Zankuro easily came out on top. Asra was too smart too stay around and watch his men get killed, he easily slipped past Zankuro and Genjuro and took your mother Kula Diamond, and you. He threatened to kill both of you if he was not crowned king. Zankuro heard of this and rushed after Asra leaving your brother and Ky in charge. This is just what Asra wanted. Just when your father had arrived he had slain your mother and threw you at your father’s feet. Zankuro could not leave you, so he mounted his horse with you and chased after Asra. When Asra was in the spot desired he stopped and dismounted. Your father did the same. They both drew their swords and began to fight each other. Zankuro was handling the duel with great pride and skill. Asra knew he could not beat him, so he dived through your father’s attack and took you from the horse. The coward, he hid behind you. Using you as a shield. First he had his sword drawn toward Zankuro and then he switched and drew the sword on you, making your father surrender his weapon. Asra then made a desperate run toward his horse, but your father drew a second sword and hurled it at Asra. It landed in front of him. He then strapped you to the horse and drew out his sword once more. Fire and passion raged in his eyes as he began to change form. His white, black, and red kimono changed to an all black gothic sorcerer’s gown, shredded and torn at the ends. His pale white skin changed to a grayer, duller color. And his neatly combed hair flew out behind him in long thick strands. A storm began to rage wildly. The king hadn’t seen anything like it. He then charged head on with full force. The new Asra was too swift for Zankuro; he quickly jumped back and blocked the sword from hitting him. The battle went on longer than ever. The powerful blows of metal clanging against metal, created such power that everything in their path was destroyed. Toward the end of the fight, your father was bruised and battle-ravaged. His left arm was badly injured. Asra then said his last words to your father before killing him, “Long live the king.” He then thrust his sword into his stomach, and left him there to die. Assuming you would die in the storm he left you there and disappeared to take over the kingdom. When your brother found out he fled the castle, never to be heard from again. That was when the world for us became the dark era. As for you, I found you a couple hours later, soaked and freezing from the cold. You were crying hysterically. I brought you into my care. When I saw how well you could handle a sword and the medallion you wore, I knew you were the one.”
      “The one for what?” I asked.
      “Nothing, my boy. I have spoken too much.”
      “No tell me what you were talking about,” I insisted.
      “Perhaps another time. Come back after three days have passed and I will explain. It has something to do with the symbol you wear.” He pointed to my silver medallion. It was a dragon that hung from a chain on my neck, it had eyes of sapphire and a symbol inscripted in it’s chest.
      “Thank you sensei. I will come in three days to learn of my future.”
      “Yes Xion, in three days, your life will change. You mustn’t breathe a word of this to anyone. Remember that. And bring your sword; the one that your father gave you just before he died. It has something in common with your destiny.”
      “I will remember. Farewell sensei.”
      In three days I will learn of my future. My destiny. In three days my life will change. Am I ready? . . .
      It's only beyond the gate that we realize what our dreams really are . . .

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      All you need to know is where you are . . .
      This is one of my newer stories, so you'll get to read it from the beginning to wherever I am now. Enjoy!

      The Young and the Reckless ~ “Get out of my house!”
      The two boys stood on the front porch of a small home in the ghetto of Medalview Park. The woman stood in the doorway screaming at them to leave. She threw several duffel bags outside at their feet.
      The two boys were Nicolai and Johnson Sultez. The woman was Marina Sultez. Their mother.
      “Moms, where are we supposed to go?” Nicolai, the oldest brother asked.
      “I don’t care. I don’t want you two causing trouble in my home. Just get out! ” she threw a set of car keys at Nicolai. He caught them in one hand.
      Johnson was quiet. His face was red and twisted in fright and confusion. In his own mind he was unsure of leaving the hood he grew up in. Even if his older brother was there with him.
      This whole problem had started over Marina’s boyfriend, Joey.
      You see, Nicolai and Joey just didn’t click. They could never get along. From the moment Marina brought the Latino bastard into her house Nicolai sensed something fake about him. Johnson didn’t have a problem with Joey. But then, he was only fifteen. What did he know?
      Nicolai was always the man of the house before Joey showed up. Nicolai and Johnson’s father had been shot down by cops over some stupid shit. The two boys were only eleven and eight-years-old at the time. Johnson cried for days after the incident. Though, strangely, Nicolai showed no emotion.
      Marina tried getting herself a boyfriend. Somebody who would care for her and her two boys. But no man of youth was interested in that lifestyle. Then she found Joey. A twenty-nine-year-old construction worker. After he accepted her and her kids she thought she found Mr. Right. Turns out the simpleton just wanted a place to live. Marina was too self-centered and blind to see that. Johnson was just too young. But Nicolai could see it plain as day. He could tell what anybody was like just by looking at them. I guess you could say he had a gift.
      Anyway, all the cold stares, all the smart remarks, all the dirty tricks came down to man-to-man “settlement”. Joey hit Nicolai over a smart comment. So Nicolai hit him back. Broke his nose. Now his house was a broken home. But he just had to let emotions go.
      “This is bullshit! When you come to grips and find out who this fuck-up really is, you’ll be begging us to come back. You can’t live without us. At least not with a good heart. You did us dirty, and you’ll pay for it later in life.”
      “I don’t want to hear it, Nicolai. I just want you and your brother out of my house.”
      Nicolai grabbed up his bags and turned and stepped off the porch he started toward his Monte Carlo then he turned. “You know, that’s real fucked up how Joey’s the whole cause of this and you kick us out. Your own flesh-n-blood. You know, you’re turning out to be just like your mother was. A dirty, low-down bitch that ain’t worried about nothin’ but getting her own self-pleasure. I’m sorry mama, but I just can’t stay around this shit. C’mon Johnny let’s go.” He hurried over to his car and jumped in the front seat he jammed the keys in and started the engine. Johnson still stood at the porch. Marina had already shut the door. “C’mon Johnny let’s go!” Nicolai called from the blue car. Johnson hesitated at the porch for minute, then he turned and slowly made his way to the car. He opened the passenger-side door and slumped down in the seat. Nicolai backed the car out of the driveway and started down the road.

      “Look, Johnny, I’m sorry you had to hear all that back there. I didn’t mean for this to happen. But I guess mom just couldn’t . . .” his voice trailed off. Nicolai stopped at a red light. He looked over to Johnson. Johnson sat quietly. Looking out the passenger window. “First thing’s first, we’re going to a place to stay. You remember Carla?” Johnson didn’t answer. “Well, we’re going to stay with her until I can get a decent job. Carla will be dropping you off and picking you up at school, while I try to get things settled.” Johnson’s eyes started to water. Tears rolled down his face. Tears of anger. Tears of sadness. And in some strange way, tears of joy. He was kicked out for no reasons against him. He was away from his mother, but still he was with his only male role model, his only real father. His brother, Nicolai.
      “Don’t cry Johnson. It’s alright. Everything will be alright.”
      The two brothers had been out of Medalview Park. No longer in the ghetto. They were now just arriving in Luna Creek. A quiet suburb area twenty miles away from their neighborhood. Nicolai and Johnson were coming into a new neighborhood. Not run by Blacks and Mexicans like in Medalview. It was populated by mostly Whites. The Monte Carlo turned onto a street called Suncrest Lane and passed a few houses. He turned into a cul-de-sac and pulled into the driveway of a white two-story house.
      “Stay here. I’ll check and see if anyone’s home.” Nicolai got out of the car and walked up to the front door. He rang the doorbell and waited for a couple minutes. No answer. He rang the doorbell again and pounded on the screen door. The door swung open and a tall black man stood in the doorway in a white muscle-shirt and black basketball shorts with ankle-socks.
      “Yeah, what do you want?” he asked in a deep voice.
      “Is Carla home?” Nicolai asked.
      The black man turned away and called Carla’s name. Carla came rushing to the door. The man walked back into the house.
      Carla looked surprised to see Nicolai. “Nicolai? What are you doing here? Are you all right? Is Johnson okay?” she asked a lot of questions.
      “Me and Johnson are fine. I just got in an argument with my moms. Johnson and I are going to need a place to stay.”
      “That’s fine. You two boys can come stay with Henry and me. How long do you plan on staying?”
      “Until I can find a job. I can probably rent a two-bedroom apartment after my third month of working. So, is it okay?”
      “Of course. You don’t have to ask me. Just bring your bags in.”
      “Right.” Nicolai hurried back to his car. He opened the back-door and pulled out a few duffel bags. “C’mon Johnny and help me bring some of these bags in.” Johnson got out of the car and grabbed some bags. The two of them brought the bags into the house.
      “Johnson! Look at how much you’ve grown. I have’nt seen you since you were a little boy. You remember me? I’m Carla. I used to babysit you and your brother.”
      “Johnny’s still a little upset about today,” Nicolai informed.
      “Oh that’s alright. Here just bring those bags into the guest room.” Carla led them up stairs and down the hall to the back room. It was a fairly good-sized room with a king-size air-bed, a flat-screen television set, a recliner, and a coffee table nightstand. There were bay-windows with beige vertical Venetian blinds set across from the wardrobe closet.
      “You two should be comfortable in here. There’s a telephone in the table drawer and a laptop, just in case you need a quick reference. Henry and I will be downstairs in the den if you need anything.”
      “Thanks,” Nicolai said. He waited until Carla had left the room and was downstairs. Then he dropped his bags on the floor. “Well this is nice. They got everything we need. A bed a TV. And look, they even have an X-Box. We’ll be just fine here, Johnny. Just fine.”

      “Wake up sleepyhead.”
      “Huh? What?” Nicolai opened his eyes and squinted. Carla was standing over him trying to wake him up.
      “You fell asleep.”
      “Oh. I guess with all the confusion going on today and moving in it just tired me out. How’s Johnny doing.”
      “Johnson? He’s fine. He’s downstairs with Henry playing video games. They seem to be getting along real well.”
      “That’s good.”
      “Are you hungry. I cooked dinner. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and macaroni and cheese.”
      Nicolai’s stomach grumbled. He looked out the window. It was dark outside. “Sounds good.”
      “Well help yourself it’s waiting for you in the kitchen.” Carla smiled.
      Nicolai jumped up and dashed out the door and downstairs to to kitchen. He passed the den and caught a glimpse of Johnson and Henry talking and playing video games. A smile crossed his lips he was happy to see his brother talking again.
      He walked to the kitchen and got a plate down from the cupboard and a fork from the drawer. He piled his plate with fried chicken legs, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. He took his plate to the dining room table and sat down.
      Carla appeared in the dining room doorway. “Are you thirsty? There’s soda and juice in the refrigerator.”
      “Can you get me something, please.” Nicolai asked.
      “Sure. What do you want? We have Gatorade, Hawaiian Punch, cream soda, ginger ale, orange soda, and lemonade.”
      “I’ll have lemonade.”
      Carla smiled. “Okay.” She disappeared into the kitchen and returned five minutes later with a tall glass of pink lemonade. She set it down in front of Nicolai, then she sat in a chair next to him. “So, tell me, Nicolai, what did happen between you and your mother?”
      Nicolai stopped eating. “Dind’t Johnson tell you?”
      “No. In fact he hasn’t mentioned a word about his mother. It’s as if she doesn’t exist to him.”
      Nicolai looked worried for a moment, then his expression changed to that of hate. “Well, you know my mom’s new boyfriend Joey?”
      Carla nodded.
      “It turns out he wasn’t there to help my moms and us. He was just lookin’ for a place to stay. My moms though, she just doesn’t want to see that. Joey knew that I was onto him. I just . . . I just couldn’t stay in the same house as him. It came down to a decision between me or Joey. My moms picked Joey over me and Johnson. I never ment for it to happen that way. I didn’t want to drag lil’ Johnny in this mess, but it’s just something that happened. Beside’s I’m eighteen already. I should be going to college, getting a job. Not laying up in someone else’s place listening to their bullshit -- if I have to, I’ll raise Johnson myself.”
      Carla sat for a moment. Taking everything in and thinking it out. “That must’ve been real frustrating for you to make a decision like that. But just promise me Nicolai, that you won’t do anything major without seeing me first. You and Johnson are good kids. You really are, and I just want to make sure that you come to me if you have any problems. That’s all I’m asking. Can you promise me that Nicolai? Can you?”
      “Yeah. I promise.”
      He finished eating the rest of his food and gulped down his lemonade then he rinsed off his plate in the sink and stuck it in the washing machine.
      He looked at the microwave clock. It read eleven fifteen.
      “It’s late. I need to get up early tomorrow to look for a job. Goodnight Carla.” He kissed her on the cheek and headed upstairs to his room. Then he dropped on the bed and fell asleep . . .

      Can't wait to get deeper into the story, I just know it's gonna be good! But so far, what do you think? From a scale of 1-5? Be honest.
      It's only beyond the gate that we realize what our dreams really are . . .

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      Well you know that I give your work a 6 out of 5, because I love your stuff, and because I'm a bit biased since you gave me a sparkler .

      WONDERFUL work man!!!!! PLEASE keep writing, you are so talented and have a bright future ahead of you I just know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      All you need to know is where you are . . .
      From the beginning again.

      Beyond the Gate ~ I sat cross-legged on the plush carpeting of the empty room. It was such a peaceful day. All was calm and euphoric. Light from the sky shined brightly down through the top of the room. Birds chirped high and far in the distance. A slight breeze swept in through my sacred area. I began to slip into a deep meditative state. So relaxed. So awake.
      So pure.
      I felt a slight touch on my shoulder. A small hand. I looked up.
      “Christopher,” I said.
      The young boy hesitated. “Malachi . . . “
      “Yes?” I waited. “Do not be afraid. Ask me your question, child.”
      He slumped back with relief. “May you tell me the story of how you became God?”
      A smile formed upon my lips. I looked pleasingly in the boy’s dark brown eyes. He waited with a hopeful face. Like an angel he was in his white robe.
      Such a long time since I’ve recalled the time I became the All-Powerful. No longer was I God-fearing, but rather now the God-feared. It was something I could’ve never imagined. God himself wouldn’t have been able to fathom the feeling I had when I finally realized that me as God was reality.
      I stood up. “Come with me young one. Let’s take a walk.”
      Outside the palace, above the clouds the sun, like a small infant, smiled down upon my kingdom. The saved people of my land brought more life to the sanctuary as they laughed and chatted endlessly.
      My land. A land of milk and honey. A land of beauty and majesty. A land of the peaceful, the eternal.
      Christopher and I went around the side of the palace, towards my courtyard. We continued to stroll through.
      “Okay young Christopher, here is my life. The life of which I became God.” I paused for a moment. Christopher and I started through the Forest of Acadia. “Yes I remember when I became God. It was a day like no other. It was the day of magic. The day of wonder. It was . . . the day I did everything.” . . .
      It's only beyond the gate that we realize what our dreams really are . . .

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      5 smileys

      I like your two newer stories better than Seven Blades. The plot and style for Seven Blade is kind of common. :/

      For the newer two I especially like how your contrast between the dreamy, seductive begining in Beyond the Gate and the concrete (or maybe even painful like a punch) one in The Young and the Reckless.

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      Scotland, in a nice white padded room.
      I have onyl just read the first story and I'll read what it all later but, like Ophelia I would give it 6 out of 5 so far (there were some bits in it where you said the same thing twice like "'Yes, If King Shinobi finds out that you are there he will surely kill you,' The girl added.
      'Yes. King Shinobi does not take kindly to strangers.' The man by the cow-stall added." Sometimes that can kinda ruin stuff, just a suggestiong though.)
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      All you need to know is where you are . . .
      Thanks for the replies guys! Here's another one for you.

      Sin City ~ London, France

      Deacon was sitting at a table in the back of the Zinfandel Grille. A tall man in a black satin tuxedo and slicked back hair came over to the table. Deacon stood up and they shook hands.
      “Mr. Rauste,” the man sat down across from Deacon. “You’re here for my business offer?”
      “Yes. How long will the operation take?”
      “Well Mr. Rauste, we haven’t talked about this enough. This is an illegal business. You must be aware of all the risks you take.”
      A waiter walked by, he set down a bottle of Brandi and two wine glasses.
      The man in the tux poured him and Deacon a glass of the Brandi and then watched the waiter walk away, then he returned to Deacon when the waiter left.
      “Now shall we get down to business?”
      “Great. Now Infinium Labs Corporation has been in the business industry for eighteen years. We are responsible for the production of Ghost Recon and Infinium technology. Almost twice now we’ve been caught by our nemesis. You may know him, he goes by the name Heero.”
      Deacon’s eyes widened. He froze, then slowly reached up and ran his finger down the long scar on his face. It went from the top of his forehead to the bottom of his chin. He remembered the day he got that scar. The emotion and pain behind it stayed with him throughout his life.
      “Heero.” He breathed.
      “Are you familiar with this man?”
      Deacon suddenly snapped from his shock. “Uh . . . uh yeah, I know him. Why?”
      “We may need you to help get us into the S.T.A.R.S. Compound. You know his style and what to expect. So, are you in?”
      Deacon thought for a while. He remembered his past experience with Heero. He was almost killed. He didn’t want to relive the past, but he couldn’t refuse this offer. He was the only man ever to infiltrate the S.T.A.R.S. Compound and walk out alive. And the man he was talking to was not the type to refuse an offer from.
      “Okay, I’m in.”
      “fantastic! Okay, here’s the deal. Infinium Labs has been working on some new technology the past seven years, but S.T.A.R.S. is always one step ahead of us. If we can get one up on them, then we might have a chance to get these products out on the black market.”
      “So you need me for what?” Deacon asked.
      “You are the only one who has answers on this guy. You get us into the compound and we’ll do the rest. Then I need you to complete a few missions for me.”
      “You mean I’m just an errand boy?” Deacon sounded disappointed.
      The man could tell he was angry. “No, you’ve got this all wrong. Without you we can’t sell our products. We need to eliminate the threat, Heero, and then we can take out S.T.A.R.S. units. We’re building an empire, a new era, where technology is in control. So, what’s your offer?”
      “You’re buying my services?”
      “No, I’m employing a new Top Agent Operative.”
      “I like your style.” Deacon cracked a smile.
      The man grinned. “So, your offer, will five-million cover it?”
      “Mr. Rauste, you are a very sly negotiator. Twenty-million then.” The man looked around. “Here’s my card. Come down to my office Tuesday. We can talk more then.”
      The waiter came around with the bill. Deacon paid for it with a stolen Visa.
      The two walked out of the restaurant and down to a black Ferrari parked in front.
      “Well Mr. Rauste I’ll be seeing you. Take a little tip, go take a night on the town.” The man stuffed a wad of euros into Deacon’s front pocket. “Farewell then.”
      Deacon watched as he climbed into his car and drove off. He looked at the card. The name read, Ice Kingasari. It had an address and phone and fax number on it with the business name. Deacon pulled out the money and began to count it.
      “Ten-thousand euros. This is more than enough for a hotel.”

      S.T.A.R.S. Military Compound

      Serge walked in. he was holding a folder. The front read “TOP SECRET”.
      “Heero, I need you to take these papers down to the Lab.” He showed Heero the folder.
      Heero was in the docking bay. He was fixing a wing on one of the Sniper Jets.
      “What are they for?” he said without looking up.
      “They’re for Joelie. Analysis papers.”
      Heero cleaned up at a cleaning station in the corner, then took the folder. Heero started to look through it.
      It was not against the facilities rules for a high-ranking officer to look though another fellow person’s papers or mail. Heero, in this case, was checking for any secret plots to attempt betrayal to the S.T.A.R.S. Facility. He didn’t seem to find anything unusual.
      “I’ll get them down there right away, sir.”
      “Good.” Serge headed out of the docking bay.
      Heero started towards a gravitron. The chute would take him to the Lab below the docking bay.
      Joelie was at the Central Computer voicing commands. He turned to see Heero walk in.
      “Heero, you have something for me?” he asked looking at the folder.
      “Yes, these papers. Serge sent me down here to give them to you.”
      “Oh yes, the papers. I’ve been waiting for these.” Joelie took the folder over to a lab table and began to look through the papers. “Do you know what these are?”
      “No.” Heero walked over to Joelie.
      Joelie took three test tubes down from a rack and studied them carefully. He writ notes down in a notebook. Then he walked over to the Central Computer. “Computer, find data on the S.T.A.R.S. Project.”
      Instantly the screen flashed showing a screen of schematics and scientific writing.
      “This is the S.T.A.R.S. Project.” Joelie said to Heero, pointing to the giant computer screen. “I’ve been working on this for the past two years. It may be a breakthrough in S.T.A.R.S. technology. Come back tonight after the late evening training. I’ll tell you more about it. And Heero, this is strictly Top Secret. Nobody knows about this except you and me.”
      Heero headed back up to the docking bay. He finished fixing the Sniper then started for the door. The intercom sounded over the entire compound:
      “S.T.A.R.S. officers, Heero Gunner and Alexi Mirai report to the Control Booth.”
      Heero raced out the door and across the compound to the Control Booth. Serge was waiting in the room. He was standing in front of a holographic projector. It showed a giant hologram of the local area. Alexi walked in a few minutes after Heero.
      “What’s up, Serge?” she asked breathlessly.
      Serge turned and faced the hologram, “This is a hologram of our local area. Our compound is right here,” he pointed to and area on the hologram. “Seems we have a couple of trigger-happy gunners down in the Socom District,” he pointed to another area on the hologram. “I need you two to go down there and stop these assholes before somebody gets shot.”
      “Right serge.” Heero agreed.
      “You may need some back-up. Go down to the Weapons Supply, you’ll find what you need there.”
      Heero and Alexi hurried over to the Weapons Supply and suited up in M-Tech S.T.A.R.S. outfits. Heero grabbed a Tecnium 4 and loaded it with a new battery-clip.
      “Okay Alexi, let’s do what we do best,” Heero said, “It’s about time we got some action today.” . . .

      Now how's this story? Honestly? 8)
      It's only beyond the gate that we realize what our dreams really are . . .

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      Honestly? : (3.5 smileys)

      The beginning of Sin City isn't as interesting as the ones before. There aren't much special about Deacon or Heero that you had described except that they are both the best in their professions. The complex relation between Deacon and Heero would probably take some time to unfold, as the two teams face off inside the distinct.

      Were Deacon and Heero lovers (just a wild guess )?


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