Dear Floor,

It is with great sympathy that i submit to your victory of unification
The tragedy you have brought upon i, and your mother, is something not to be forgotten
Five long months and your presence, as a friend, was unopposed
Until she found him
One fifth your size
In a field of short grass
You were fortunate enough to never be put in a situation such as that
She took him in
With promises of warmth
And safety
We only wanted happiness for all
Isn't that what we all strive for
It would only seem logical
Five minutes you stood his presence
The way you looked at him
Was with a wide-eyed stare
As if to imply you cared not
So many months i saw that same look in your eyes
And i wondered what it meant
And to this day i still wonder
She loved him
As we both loved you
He was so innocent
You looked so innocent too
I want you to know that
And I want you to never forget that
Only a few minutes you stood his threatening presence
We had no idea
No idea
As with a quarter-second snap you sunk your teeth into his tiny neck
I was holding you in my hand
I was holding him in my other hand
After a short while i was able to tear you from her neck, and throw you into a box
I slammed shut
He had fell from my hand
And limped around the pillow before i picked him up into my hands
There was a trail of blood on the pillow, left by the gaping hole in his neck
I held him close
And told him everything was going to be okay
I told him to stay calm
Everything would be okay
Everything would be okay
As he took his last few breaths
She had panicked at first sight and was crying in the corner
And I told him everything would be okay
As he took his last few breaths
My hands red with blood
I could only pet the top of his fragile head
And tell him everything would be okay
After all
We had already promised him
Warmth and safety

The trail of blood is still clear on that pillow
And when i see it
All I think of
Is how you cower in fear
When you catch a glimpse of my cat