I remember all the tears I shed,
And all the thoughts,
And all the fears,
I remember the day we were no more.
How you said Iíd changed,
And how you changed too.
At that moment I felt my heart stop,
I couldnít breath,
I closed my eyes,
Prayed this wasnít real.
But when I reopened them,
Youíd already left me.
I felt my heart shatter,
I felt it break,
I felt the tears run down my face.
And I could not comprehend,
Why you would do that to me,
You promised me forever,
You said we had a chance.
But I find myself alone,
Without you to hold me,
Without your comforting voice.
Iím so afraid to be alone,
Canít you see how much I need you,
I canít breath,
I canít sleep,
I canít think,
Without you.
Donít let me slip away,
Help me to continue on,
Let me know you care.