The follower of life writes what they want to convey in a world full of mystery, remembers to listen to their inner heart and live for the singular moment.

Making inscriptions with their pen of life.

Questioning the roads signs. Observing the rules.

Remembering the direction you wish to go. You are your own creator.

Born to fulfil your dreams. Creating your own mystery.

The rules of life exist within the limitless boundaries of expression.

An expression pure and true that listen to the rules of truth.

Lips that move towards the dusted hand, lips that blows the unchained particles into shafts of inner light for you to observe dancing before your eyes.

Open the key to your heart with a wish of true desire.

A desire that follows the path of personal enlightenment.

Love what you wish to love, feel what you want to feel, hear what you wish to hear, see what you want to see with eyes unchained.

Contemplation with a mind that ignores the limitations of an impure ego.

Self opinion with demands lead down the road of deceit. Trust your judgement.

Try to listen to what you perceive as truthful without upsetting other peoples truth.


Relate yourself to your surroundings is a positive way.

Overcoming obstacles that stand in your way from your point of view.