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      Feyd's poetry. Comment greatly appreciated.

      Silent, Bleeding, Insanity.

      Through the mirror you’ll see my world.
      Rather dark,
      A little on the cold side,
      Dreary weather outside the window pane.
      Scraps of my life everywhere,
      Like a book ripped and scattered in room,
      To place it in order would take too long.
      So I sit,
      Silently in a spot near the wall.
      A faint glow from a candle in the opposite room,
      All that lights my face,
      And an overturned chair.
      Papers rustle and the candle flickers,
      From a breeze in the room.
      The room you are resting in,
      So perfect.
      A tear runs from my eye,
      As I stand now in the threshold,
      Watching over you.
      The rusty bed frame creaks as you shift position,
      Still Sleeping, always dreaming.
      The covers have fallen from you again,
      And again I wrap you within their warmth.
      The floor boards groan as I step to the kitchen,
      I run some water from the faucet,
      Cold as always.
      I cup the water in my hands,
      Splashing it ‘pon my face,
      A shocking feeling sending chills down my spine.
      I draw my tattered robe closer to me,
      Wishing for something warmer.
      I step to the window in the first room,
      Looking out side is pleasing but uneventful,
      A leafless tree battered around by the wind,
      And pounded by the rain.
      I start at a creak behind me,
      And your arms wrap ‘round me,
      “Come to bed, get some sleep,” you whisper,
      “And don’t be so jumpy.”
      I turn and smile slightly with a nod.
      I take your hand,
      Walk you to the bed,
      Cover you once more with a kiss,
      And fall asleep at your side.

      ††C.Laskey II††

      The Untold

      Watch me but slowly turn the hands
      For the ticking will never end
      Screams will echo if you open the door
      A whisper in your ear
      The tomb buried under the dust
      What secrets it contains
      Dare you open it?
      Peer at a time never existed
      Wonder through an opposing realm
      Wrapped in a war of ages beyond
      Arrows whistle,
      Swords clash
      Avenge thy brother
      Defy thy father
      Become a king on your own terms
      But through it all the mage has planed
      And pulls a string to make it end
      A trumpet blows to announce your dead
      Yet you still lift your head
      Draw your sword and watch it shimmer
      With life returned a frightful site
      You slay the enchanter and regain the palace
      But as the final page is turned
      A specter rips out your soul
      To be added to the story of “The Untold”

      ††Feyd Shadowen††

      Written to You

      Wrought to pieces by the thoughts in my mind
      How to speak them, to say you look divine
      The words do not bother do they?
      For I just really don’t know how to say
      I know this shouldn’t be
      Can you see me tremble?
      That is fear but I count
      One, take me over
      Two, drown me in
      Three, hold me close
      Four, release me slowly
      Five, I am free
      The words now tumble for I speak to fast
      I hope you hear them still
      For I am walking away
      Take my hand
      Whisper near
      Tell me, how do you feel?

      ††Feyd Shadowen††


      My tires spin on the road yet I am going no where
      The circles amount only to wasted gas
      Tears stream down my face
      Only to intercept the words tumbling from my mouth
      So you see me slack-jawed and crying.
      What does it amount to?
      I jump forward, tears fly from my visage, and I try to scream
      I fall a crumpled pile of writhing emotions
      Why do I always hear a faint piano at these times?
      Small simple melodies that I can never recall
      To the beat of pattering rain
      Slowly shed tears
      An account of my struggle
      A record of my wrongs
      Go figure… Etched in stone slabs,
      Well I tell you now let’s burn the book.
      For no more do I want to water the carpet
      Your smile is all that should exist between us
      Your laughter is the sound I want to hear
      With in the secluded time whisper to me your love
      We will shout it in time
      Just please don’t hate the foolish
      Don’t disregard my words, I can speak only now
      For I have thought these words, through and through
      Tear after tear these words formed
      So you know that they all are from the heart
      In the final tear I hold you closer than ever before

      ††C.Laskey II††

      When I watch you

      I sit here looking at someone so,
      I wish only to take her hand,
      Kiss gently,
      Whisper softly,
      Smile slyly.
      How much I love,
      The sparkle of her eye,
      When she knows I am watching.
      As I observe I think,
      And wish only to keep her attention,
      To keep her happy.
      Her smile is so precious,
      For when I see it,
      It is just for me.
      Her eyes are so soft,
      Her touch so gentle,
      Forever I hold and protect,
      With my tender kiss.

      ††Feyd Shadowen††

      Cruel decisions

      What selfish ambitions have been laid before me
      How can I grasp yet remain unmoved
      Still, I ask, why do I ponder
      To cast aside
      The indifferences betwixt them all
      A fair light from them still
      Both pull, testing, how far till the fall
      Balance is vital
      Yet one must let go
      Or I must move toward the favored
      What a cruel decision
      Would it be better than to withdraw from the battle
      Awake at night, red eyed paranoia
      Sway, to and fro
      Listing due to sudden movements
      A silent fall
      No sound no one heard
      Gasp, for breath
      Struggle to writhe
      The plastic drawn farther down
      Scream in betrayal
      Draw your sword
      Bring the bloody rain
      You are in control
      Driving the blade deeper
      With out a sound
      A whisper on the wind
      Tension in the air
      Thick but untouchable
      Laying staring blank
      Shut down mode activated
      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --End

      ††Feyd Shadowen††

      A Leap of Faith

      A single tear
      Accompanied by a sly smile
      You know who I belong to
      Yet you question
      Why do I love
      But why do you look at the wall
      When there is a window
      I know you can see
      I know you listen
      But I am not speaking
      I am drawing you closer
      Trying to open your eyes
      With radio silence
      With subtle hand movements
      Something I mustn’t be good at
      For you still question
      Livid pools are your eyes
      Something deeper
      Darker silence
      Wretched stillness
      Grasping tighter
      You know the heart
      It always beats

      ††Feyd Shadowen††
      When you look in the mirror, tell me what do you see?
      Your self or some one you want to be?

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      Second star to the right and straight on till morning....
      woah first I just wanna say that I opened this thread while still listening to the trance song from zeus... your avatar and that go very well together, little too early in the morning for all that though.... woah...I gotta turn it off

      okay...now to your poems...

      Silent, Bleeding, Insantiy...... I can never write poetry without feeling the need to rhyme... I don't know why but I think it allows me to have a greater respect for people that can.... this poem has a very quiet feel to if that makes sense...

      I think my favorite one is written to you...... I like things that I can envision being read aloud.. like at a poetry slam type thing..... I can see it having the potential to be really dramatic.

      Nice poems... thanks for sharing


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