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    Thread: 3d car model

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      3d car model

      i attempted to model a lamborghini murcielago on cinema 4d

      i havent done the inside of the car at all, so i only took an angle that you cant tell, just so you know.

      here is a picture

      and an animation of it
      its not much, but i thought i would post it, for some constructive criticism, that is if anyone else is experienced in this stuff. but i would just like to know if it is pointless in carrying on with this shit, because i always find it hard to tell how good my
      own work is, i always see it as what i think it should look like. so i come to you guys to find out. im just putting too much time into it to carry on with it if im rubbish.

      and im currently working on a ford ka (incase you are wondering why such a shitty car, its because i just got one, so i thought i would try it for the hell of it)


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