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White Lie: A minor, polite, or harmless lie.
An idea I had for a video game...

General gameplay:
The game is similar to Mafia Wars.
The game would be played online up to 10 people. One person would be randomly chosen to become "The Liar". The goal of The Liar is to kill everyone else before time runs out. If The Liar can kill everyone before time runs out, he/she wins. However, The Liar must be killed for the Truth Tellers to win the game. The Liar can not be caught (tied up with a rope, knocked out, etc.).

There are still a lot of things I need to think about, like how to get the Truth Tellers to walk around at night alone and make sure that they don't group together in rooms to easily call out The Liar. If anyone has any suggestions on that, please share them!

Some gameplay mechanics:
Hallucination Bar - A small meter that would gradually go up depending on what the player is doing, and if he/she is alone or not. The Hallucination Bar would not be a big part of gameplay, but it's there to add atmosphere. The Hallucination Meter would cause small sounds to happen around the player like footsteps, very faint screams, etc. It would also make certain things stand out that are just generally scary like dolls or spiders.
A special thing the Hallucination Bar would do is when the player is near something like a Doll on a shelf, and the meter is high enough, the Hallucination Bar will cause the doll to fall off the shelf while making some doll like cry/laugh/momma sound.
The reason being that this Hallucination Bar doesn't play a big roll is because some players in real life may not be all that scared of what's going on. The Liar would not have a Hallucination Bar, as they are a cold, emotionless killer.
As the Hallucination Bar goes up, things start to look more and more like it's painted like a picture. This is to add to the artistic side of the game that I'm looking for.

The Liar could use almost anything as a weapon. Anything that can be used as a weapon would have a soft glow around it showing that The Liar can pick it up and use it. Be it knife, rope, chair, or their bare hands.
However, once The Liar kills someone they have to wash off all the blood on their clothes. Same goes for everyone else.

If a Truth Teller thinks they know who The Liar is, they can either wait till they know for sure that they are the killer, or take a chance at killing them. The way to counter this is for The Liar to make an alliance with someone and walk around with them at night to make sure they are safe. It's up to The Liar to make sure they can get someone alone to kill them without giving themselves away.

After getting blood on your clothes, you must wash it out or you might be suspected of being The Liar and get killed. When you wash your clothes, they'll obviously be wet, which is something else that can raise suspicions about you. What to do at a time like this? Change your clothes from a closet, or lie. Maybe you fell in a puddle of water? Walked out in the rain? Tripped and landed into a fountain of water? The only way someone will know that you're telling the truth is if they saw you.

Something special I would like to add is that physics stuff that makes you stumble and fall around like in GTA4, except it wouldn't happen as often. So when you're walking up/down some stairs, you might accidently stumble and fall and hurt yourself.

Sorry if this is confusing...I'm just kind of writing this down as it comes to my mind.

Things I have to think about are how to get the players to walk around at night so The Liar has a chance to pick them off one by one.
A penalty for having a Truth Teller randomly kill people at night just to find The Liar just to win the game quick.
A way to make the game replayable over and over again and still be fun.
And some other things I haven't thought about yet...

If you guys would like to suggest something, go for it. Sorry if it's tl;dr.

My original idea was for this to be a single player game, and I still plan on making it single player. But I want to focus on the multiplayer part of it first, as the singleplayer part will focus more on the storyline.