lets grip tightly something we'll never truly own. together, in a dream that sorta ment we used to wish for each other. but it was distorted and remembered half way upon waking, feeling as if i could finaly run away within those moments of forgetfullness. I cant and i try to. puttin much, too much emphasis on the unreal. i hate this. And i feel thats when its the realest. Afflicted--like these lovely wounds from self that fix the broken faces, this time without the drug overdoses. -please..slower next time, so i cant remember why your doing it. by choice or reward, its no mistake,.. this Sub-Space you placed me in. so collapse my chest, dear. Remove my breath with the compression of neck. The Cord was fine but this time with your hands. well help each other- so grip tightly together, this something of ours. LVThN