Tired of my life, feel like ending it before this verse finishes
The thought diminishes but it haunts the first sentences
Never was the plan, Iím stuck in never land
Trying to jet from these menaces like peter pan
did his arch nemesis
Are you getting this?
Or are too you far to ever get like this
Living wit my folks bank account froze
want you to witness this so someone else knows
the tip of this iceberg sunk my whole fleet
And I cant even buy the food that she eats
When I beat myself up itís the only peace I feel
And itís hard to be alive when nothing seems be real
Tell me itís a dream
Tell me itís all in my head
I wanna be dead when I hear my mother scream
I walk in to the room and I ask whats wrong
She say who are you, and I tell her its her son

Stopped looking for a job cause they never hire me
Iíll hate it and quit it or theyíll fire me
I used to have skills that literally paid bills
But they all expired with my military deal
I want to get back in but something tells me no
Listen to your heart and ask it where to go
If this song hits your ears then maybe my plans worked
If not, Iíll be rocking the same old shirt
With the same old dreams
that I had before my teens
trying to get a piece of that American cream
So I wont go to sleep til my souls on the page
And Iíll keep on trying till Iím back on the stage
So I can do what I love and put food on the plate
If it doesnít work out at least I know I tried
To do what I love and feel so alive