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    Thread: A poem :(

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      A poem :(

      This is for my intro on my speech about animal cruelty. Enjoy!!

      In this place I dwell,
      lonely, hurt, and bruised.
      All I wanted was to love,
      all I got is abuse.
      I licked your hand and wagged my tail,
      so happy that you picked me.
      But now I feel like i've done wrong,
      is this why you beat me?
      Aren't I a good puppy?
      That's what you said when you first saw me.
      What can I do to make this work?
      I've been the best that I can be.
      Still no food do I receive, still no baths,
      no petting or attention.
      All i've done is love you.
      That was my only intention.
      My breath is smelling really bad,
      the sores on my back are leaking.
      Today you beat me mercilessly
      all of that for speaking.
      Before I die, do you want to know
      what the words were that I spoke of?
      Owner they were oh so kind,
      all I said was You are my love.
      Even though you hurt me
      even though you lied,
      I still love you
      because I'm inoccent inside.
      I still run to you every day
      to lick your salty hand.
      I still try to play with you,
      although I know your plan.
      I would never try to harm you,
      yet you'd beat me in a hurry.
      But it's okay my owner,
      no loonger shall you worry.
      Tonight's the night I leave,
      the night i'll be my best.
      Tonight's the night I die,
      and finally get to rest.
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      Very good, but oh so very very sad.


      we do it for the lulz...
      everyone jump in the roflcopter....
      it's a lulz-a-palooza out there!!

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