This first segment is a short snippet of a dream that I had 12/19, but as told through emotions and deep senses, a love that could not be expressed through convention.

Following the first segment, are two poems based on dreams, the third was based upon deep meditation.


The dream was set back in time, when couriers were common place:

Although her hand was already taken, he held her heart close to his. He loved the way she told a story, the way she half-smiled, and that twinkle in her eye when she was joking with him.

After many months of harboring his love, it came a point when he needed to reveal his heart. She turned to him amd smiled, "What is it, my friend?"

Taking in a deep breath, he felt his heart might beat out of his chest. "I want to be with you, I always have. It hurts me to see you with him. I know the time is not right, but know that I love you."

As he said this, his eyes dashed quick glances to hers and then to his hands, which held a note for her mate that he was to pass on. His breaths were now short and shallow; he felt his face warm from the inner fire he let loose.

Tears may have found him, if it weren't for her gentle touch. She placed her hand on his and smiled, that beautiful smile. "My heart is with you, as well. But, the moment isn't right. I don't want to be without out you, in my life. Know that ours is a thing of beauty that will stand the test of time. A flower that will not wilt, but will blossom all the days of our lives."

As he sighed, he allowed himself to absorb what was and what will be.

Theirs was a love beyond convention, beyond this life. In dreams and other lives they had been by each others side; as lovers, as friends, as the breeze on a warm summer evening...

They were true. It always was and will always be.

The Calling of the Crows:

While I lay asleep that night; I cried and I screamed and I said alright.
The creature snuck upon me in the guise of a dream.
He gave me a key, that much it would seem.
Once time was frozen, the key could be used.
The lock would only open once the past was excused.
No more celebrations, no more hurrahs; it's all goodbyes, as I hear the crows caw.

Night's Final Son:

His pain peirced her heart,
As she embraced his soul;
His eyes reflected hers,
As tears fell.

His agony became theirs,
As she absorbed his pain;
Who was helping who,
Who was to gain.

It was now or never,
They knew it was time;
Why must it happen?
It was a matter of humankind.

Hand in hand,
They accepted the rising sun;
As they stopped to kiss,
Morning's first light, took night's final son.

It was their first,
And their last;
He was no longer,
Her pain was too vast.

A lesson be learned,
Let love prevail;
It may be too late,
When your heart lifts it's veil.

I am but a Shadow:

I am but a shadow in your dream; you know me it does seem.
We have shared visions of knowledge and light, through imagery known only to your sleeping mind.
Seek the symbols in dreams that connect to symbols in life; then you will find the path which casts a light on my shadow.
And lo, you will see me not just in dreams and mild visions, but in my true form.
As yourself; complete. The one we were meant to be.
It is me.
I am you.
You will see.