I'd like some constructive criticism if I can get some on this poem I made. It was hastily made, I haven't written in a long time and I didn't want to lose inspiration.

Cry Out

He talks like he knows
Something, and I'm scared that he does
But I try not to show it,
I try not to

Cry, but the bruises burn
Harsher then the tone
Underlining their words
Darker then blood
Lacing most of my clothing

But it comes out too easy
When he looks me in the eyes
Holding my shoulders
'Why are you crying?'

I'm choking, I'm suffocating
From fear, but I'm trying
To hold it all back
I can't let it go...

But I do, and I'm crying into
His shoulders
Telling him everything
Praying to God
Hoping he believes me

But he does, I can tell the way
He looks at me weirdly
The shape adult's faces take
When they're deep filled with worry

Holding me still, he looks at me sternly
'It's going to be alright.' he murmurs
I look down, away, because if I look any longer
I might just believe him.