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      The Dream Machine

      Drawing up the Dream Machine
      Just look how large it will be
      With antennae put in your eye
      Or in your brain that's fine by me

      I need some help outside myself
      As I create the dreams
      There's just too much for one to make
      So I employ two and three

      They create the dreams I forsake
      For when I have gone awry
      Now they can take two thirds to make
      So I can have play time

      The work builds up, they've had enough
      So I employ four and five
      Now everyone is proud and tough
      Dreams make them glad they're alive

      There comes a time with too much to try
      for two, three, four, and five
      So I then hire a sixth tiny guy
      So all can have playtime

      But number six thinks it's all tricks
      These dreams just aren't for him
      He whines and cries, "These dreams are lies!"
      Then his face conforms to a grin

      So off he prances with snickers and dances
      His face still carries the grin
      He climbs to my castle kept up in the clouds
      To the Dream Machine within

      He starts to twitch when he spies the switch
      That changes the machine to bad
      He spits on his hands and plants to stand
      And pulls with all he has

      But the switch is stiff having never been flipped
      So only moves a tad
      And so it's stayed all through the days
      Some dreams being good some bad

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      "If there was one thing the lucid dreaming ninja writer could not stand, it was used car salesmen."


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