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      oooooo's tunes

      So here are three of my first songs that I'm at least moderately satisfied with.

      I started to make my own music last year, previously I had played the guitar for a long time and the saxophone for a while, but never really felt like I was good enough to write my own songs apart from some random improvisations. So these are the first full songs I've ever written I guess, if you don't include all the ones that eventually hit the trash-can...

      The mixing in all of them is pretty horrible but mixing a track is one of the hardest things for me to do and in the making of these I had the habit of rushing to get it finished so the structure of these songs isn't exactly what I'd want them to be. But I think I'm getting better all the time.

      HERE they are...

      "kesa", made during the previous summer (kesa = kesä = summer in finnish), inspired during days of walking in the forests during the day and the night and listening to the animals. It may not sound as "nature-centered" as it is to me and I originally wanted it to be more ambient, but that's the best I could do at the time and I have no interest remaking it yet.

      "gas" is the second newest, made later in the summer, and I know the mix is really muddy especially the bass and especially the bass coming in at 1:30, I KNOW, it's the best I could do then and just like with the previous song, I really have no interest in remaking or remixing it yet (I think I might not even be able to make it sound better ). By the time I was making this one I was making or recording most of my samples myself (The chords follow throughout the song is an acoustic guitar) hence the extra muddiness/watery mix.

      "tired dub" was made this autumn, one really sleepy night, I drank way too much coffee while I was trying to put a song together and slowly it started to sound a bit like this and I kept yawning the whole time which inspired the vocals () and the (working-)title. And again, I know the mix is off and some things are louder than they should be and some things are hardly audible......I know......

      I will post new tracks here once I cough up enough money to both eat and finally buy a license for Renoise

      ( ) Enhance my dream recall significantly
      ( ) Increase the number of dreams I remember each night
      ( ) Have lucid dreams once again

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      You stuff is sounding really good, man. I'm especially digging "tired dub."

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