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      Poems from Dreams

      Hostage: The Burning Boy

      She stands there
      Not able to respond
      Here male child burns
      Flames surround him
      His pain is her pain
      She waits
      It won't be long
      The inflicter of pain
      Cannot take this any longer
      Now truth will be revealed

      Shame of The Pig

      The pig surrenders in shame
      Now it won't eat my leg anymore
      I always knew where it lived
      And that I could not enter
      It's secret dark realm
      It wants to eat me
      It's relentless attack
      I cannot make it stop
      I am not worth this
      Go Ahead; eat me
      You win
      The pig surrenders in shame
      It will not eat me
      And cannot face me
      It runs away to hide
      And wants to die

      Shadow Bear

      The one who say's he knows
      Tells me their will be no more water above here
      The mountain top is still far ahead
      He say's I must listen to his command
      My inner voice speaks to me now
      I did not know you before
      You live inside
      You say, "water all the way to the top"
      A friend fires the rifle
      The shadow bear will lie no more

      Victorious Heart of Fire

      My heart is on the outside now
      I exposed it for here to feed on
      It gives her strength
      It is purple and shriveled
      She is a parasite of hearts
      Now my heart has died
      My new strength: soul fire
      That resides in my chest
      The fire is then released through the top of my head
      And spreads across the roof of the sky
      I did not know she was my gift
      She will not harm me any longer
      The battle is over for me
      And I am victorious
      Now I can only hope for her own victory

      Adam and Eve

      They stand there
      Their heads hang down
      They wait for death
      with dignity
      The ocean depth to their knees
      They are central
      The universe around them turns slowly
      Damn you God
      What have you done?
      You have not the courage to end the abuse
      How can you even open your eye
      Damn your creation
      And I damn you to hell
      I pray the holy spirit
      withdraws it's light
      From you
      This light you stole and greedily hoard
      You are the first lie
      And are not God
      I know your secrets
      And I will destroy you

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      Nice, I like shame of the pig and the victorious heart of fire the best! Do you have anymore?

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      Yes I have a few more I will locate them and post them here soon.


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