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      Always changes...

      A couple of Love poems...

      Here are a couple of my love poems... hope you like them
      This one is the very first poem I had published.

      "Toast to Forever"

      Let's toast to love
      The love I know
      A gift from above
      We share we show

      It tolerates all
      If it is true
      Like leaves it falls
      As sweet as dew

      It showers those
      Who feel it's warmth
      It's rhythm flows
      It's beat goes forth

      Those lost in it's cover
      Shall always be found
      By a lover
      Who shares that ground

      When trees go down
      And mountains gone
      When leaves turn brown
      Love lives on.

      Ok, now for something slightly less cliche.
      This one is currently untitled

      Eyes that smile as much as your lips
      Is what I remember most about you
      Your size of breast and curve of hips
      Is now hidden from my minds eye view

      It is nice how thoughts of you remain
      Though I've only met you thrice
      And difficult your memory is to retain
      But that's just part of the price

      For this happens when I meet a girl
      And new feelings are allowed to begin
      My memory begins to bend and swirl
      I forget who I am what I've done and been

      So open your heart take a chance let me in
      Love is not a contest but there is still so much to win

      Thanks for reading, any feedback is appreciated

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      i liked the second one better than the first, and this part in particular:

      And new feelings are allowed to begin
      My memory begins to bend and swirl
      I forget who I am what I've done and been

      because that's exactly how it is, the whole falling in love thing, and the best thing is doing it day after day with the same person, even when you find them in a towering rage over something, and you can look at them, and still love them!!

      I've posted a couple on here, have you read them?
      'all of the moments that already passed/
      try to go back and make them last.'

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      I'm gonna have to go with the first one. I liked how you put nature and love side by side.
      Not saying that I don't like the second, they're both really good, I just have a personal preference for the first one.
      Keep it up!


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