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      Tell me about names

      What do you think of your first name? Does it represent who you are?
      Personally I think Anthony is boring. Wish I had a name like Benjamin/Benji. Dont know why, just always liked that name

      Really bored right now so really long replies are good too.

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      im here for you
      Quote Originally Posted by Anthonyyy0 View Post
      Does it represent who you are?
      I've got some beef with this one
      in what way would a name represent who you are
      abrahamic/islamic meaning? what does a name mean? isn't it just a way to describe something? when I say I want an apple, I mean that I want one of these.
      so when I say that "that guy is Doug" then it means that I'm addressing another dude as this guy
      names for people have no inherent meaning, is what I'm trying to say.

      I changed my name because I preferred the new name, and I didn't identify with my old name.

      man is that hypocritical or what

      middle names > other names

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      My name is Alyssa. I used to hate it, because I thought it sounded really girly and princessy and I wanted a 'cool' sounding name like Danielle or Zara. Now, I don't really care. I find people tend to judge a name differently depending on the person they know who has it. To this day, I dislike the names Andrew and Shayla because I associate them with people who bullied me in elementary school. I think the reason I love the name Danielle is because I knew a girl who I thought was 'cool' with that name. I love the name Lara because of Lara Croft. My own name, I tend to associate with the naive shy girl I used to see myself as, so I often don't like it. But I don't care much anymore, and the name could be a lot worse.

      The name Anthony doesn't sound boring to me. It sounds like one of the better names out there. I think of an intelligent, maybe slightly arrogant guy when I hear it. But that's probably because I knew someone named Anthony with those traits (although I don't remember who now).

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      According to Urban Dictionary:

      2. Gavin
      An extremely large penis. It's a word that is becoming more common

      Girl: "Have you seen the gavin on that guy!"
      Other Girl: "No."
      Girl: "OMG! its HUGE!"

      3. Gavin

      A hippie from the Northeast... specifically Vermont, Upstate New York, or Southern Connecticut. Gavins often face the conflict of upholding their earthy/drug-induced values while attending school with the preppiest and uptight individuals in existence. However, Gavins are always willing to help you smoke a blunt or partake in any other illegal activities.

      "I ran out of weed, I need to give Gavin a call."

      "Gathering of the Vibes? I think you mean gathering of the Gavins..."

      "I saw a Gavin yesterday smoking and driving a VW bus wearing a tie-dye shirt... I think I'm in love."

      4. Gavin

      To be omnipresent, omnipotent and revered, a true magician and miracle performer perfect in every way, often used by Gods and adepts to indicate a show off. In more mortal circles indicates a true divine purity that could never be attained, Gavin is the light so sought within each of the worlds religions. Ultimately it is the purpose of all Gods and mortal beings to become Gavin.

      "You created the world in 7 days, stop trying to be such a Gavin!"

      "You parted the water again, you Gavin!"

      "If you are lost my child, look to Gavin and you will find the light"

      5. Gavin

      Name of Scottish ancestry with a rough translation to "White Hawk". Sometimes also translated as "White Knight", "Wild White Hawk", or "Wild White Knight".

      Traditionally used to refer to the children of warriors who had deceased in the performance of particularly valiant acts.

      Sometimes used to characterize acts of exceptional self-sacrifice, valor, and or other act normally associated with knight-like chivalry.

      "Hello Gavin."

      "His father died in the war, so his mother renamed him Gavin."

      "Did you see that Gavin chase down the mugger?"

      6. Gavin

      The name Gavin has close associations with the word Gallant. Respectful, handsome and kind are just a few words that follow Gavin around. The Knight in Shining Armour is Gavin's favourite role and one in which he excels. It is a great shame for anyone to live life without knowing a Gavin.

      "I wish I knew a Gavin!"
      7. Gavin

      Verb: To narrowly escape any terrible situation using only wit and wordplay and sheer straight-up ballsiness. Often involves purposely allowing self to get into trouble for the sake of escaping it later.

      "Man, I barely Gavined that last one" (-Batman)
      "The cop almost ticketed me but I Gavined her, and later we totally had sex."

      Spoiler for Citation needed:

      So, to answer your questions:

      1. I guess it's an alright name, I like it.
      3. 4 and 6 probably represent me best. I don't know which idiot wrote 1 though, that doesn't represent me at all. Also, Gavins seem to share the same lame sense of humor.

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      I love names and numerology. All of my children (except the first who was named after his dad and dad's dad) have unusually spellings because I wanted certain numbers.
      I no longer practice numerology, but I still love the practice of assigning numbers to letters.

      I hate my birth name- which is completely boring. But my kids dislike their name because they're so unique lol.

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      My name is Nicole. It means "victory of the people" whatever the hell that means.

      It's so common. I would love to have an unusual name. I used to hate it but my friends call me "Cole" or "Korely" so I don't mind it so much.

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      Names are conventional and there are three primitive categories of names. We can name the thing from which we abstract, or we can name the abstractible "part" of a thing--of which there are two. That things form or that things material difference.

      Definition is the preservation of the social convention which preserves the identity between the name of a thing and the names of that things various forms and the various material differences in those forms.

      The two parts of a thing can be abstracted (via environmental abstraction systems of a living organism). These two abstractions, form and material difference are predicates, which is only a subset of assertion and denial. However, one can now say that predication is the inverse function of abstraction. Thus, the original naming convention can be upheld.

      Thus, only to the degree that names are conventional, can language be functional. There are many ways in which the dysfunctionality of language is promoted today, which means those so called liberal policies are simply instruements of social destruction.

      Ultimately, a world leader, a world savior, if you will, will teach all of mankind about names.
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      my name is Ericka, meh, don't hate it but I don't absolutely 1000045405934068% love it, I do like it though.
      Plus my parents spelled it with a "c" and a "k" which I like better than just a "c" or a "k"
      I don't really have many nicknames either xD
      here is a good ole' story, my 2 best friends are Alexa < I FREAKING LOVE HER NAME A LOT and Melissa, my name means "Ruler of All", Alexas means "Defender of Mankind" and Melissa means "honey bee" so we always mess around with her because me and Alexas names have similar meanings and hers has just a random meaning XD
      From my rotting body,
      flowers shall grow
      and I am in them
      and that is eternity.
      -Edvard Munch

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      Nikolai is pretty common in the Eastern Block, but here I've never ever met a "Nikolai" and the only Nikolai I could have known is my uncle but he passed away 11 years before I was born. I like this name very much, it's the most awesome name there is IMO. Having the same name my uncle did and knowing what an awesome person he was, makes me kinda proud of my name.
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