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      Tell me about childhood memories

      Post about anything, doesn't have to be good or bad.

      After it rained, my sister and I would go outside to "save" the worms. We'd pick up worms off the sidewalks and toss them into the grass or mulch. We didn't like seeing dead crusty worms all over the pavement and sidewalks once the ground dried.

      I have two older sisters. They played with me, but I never had anyone that I could roughhouse with. For years I longed for a brother to play with.

      My sister and I were sharing a bed while on vacation. She had woken up very early because her allergies were making her feel unwell. My sister sat up in bed chatting with our mother. In my sleepy state, I began rubbing my foot against what I thought was a bed post. In actuality, it was my sister's head. She didn't take kindly to that.

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      I sometimes took a shit in the shower because the toilet was down stairs and I was too afriad that the monsters and evil toys would get me before I was back in my bed.

      I once jumped out from my 1 story high bedroom window to get to my best friends house. I got to his front door and then I suddenly felt a kick to my ass, my brother saw me jumping out of the window... We are stil laughing about that today =)

      I liked to steal things from the store or from my friends. This was my main way of getting new toys and stuff, we were too poor. I once got home with a new bicycle and my mom was furious... If my life hadn't take a change some where along the way over the past decade I would now be in jail with a serious crminal record. That was certainly the way it was going for me.

      I was such a badass back then
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      Whatever happens~

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