Writing this for the second time because my page thought it'd troll me by going back a stage.
Yesterday i tried the WBTB method because i was feeling pretty confident and wanted to succeed because i have yet to LD. Throughout the day I performed reality checks as you do and was ready to try. I went to sleep at roughly 10pm and work up at around 1:15am. This was unusually early and I found that it was my younger sibling who had an upset stomach so i had to deal with it. Around 35 minutes later i got back in bed, feeling fairly annoyed. I tried to WBTB method because i knew this was the only chance I'd get to do it really that night (my siblings get up at stupid o clock even on weekends). I focused and i think i pretty much got really far except i couldn't lose consciousness, I could feel my body falling asleep, which i've felt on numerous occasions now. I must've laid in bed for about a few hours because only when it was roughly around 3:50am that i accepted defeat and went to bed normally. My problem is that I just simply can't reach anything like hypnagogia and I feel like it's just not ever going to work. My body becomes 'paranoid' and nearly every few seconds there is a new itch or something distracting that I try to ignore but can't.
This isn't wholly what I'm annoyed about though. The fact is, after all that trying and lack of results when I woke up I found that I had remembered about 4 BLOODY DREAMS in total which is more than I can usually do in 1 STINKING WEEK! Not to mention that I only had 4 or so hours of sleep when I actually went to bed. This really annoyed me and it seems that only when i not trying to do anything that something happens. I've really stepped us this week by finally making a DJ. I managed to write 3 pages today and could've done more if I didn't stop, however detailed they were. I perform constant RC throughout these days and i still get the same old annoying results. I really do try and I'm just annoyed that i can't even get 1 smidge of results. Even if that is one LD and i don't get results for a few weeks. I just want to know that what I'm doing is going to pay off. What tips can you provide that will help me with the WBTB method. I'll do as much as I can lol