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    Thread: Ask me about being homeless

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      Quote Originally Posted by Original Poster View Post
      Sleep depends on where you are. In Portland, for example, you can sleep on the sidewalk without too much trouble so long as you're up by six. In San Francisco you can either go deep into Golden Gate park or go to a smaller park and just get up early enough. In other places, such as Austin, Texas, you have to either go to a shelter or get out of downtown and find a patch of woods or some other stealthy spot where you won't be noticed. Even downtown where it's illegal to sleep, most cities have plenty a cutty spot where cops won't see you.

      During my travels, I grew fond of sleeping under bridges. Sure, there's a couple spiders but if you lay down a tarp they don't bother you much. I've also heard rooftops are ideal because no one bothers you, you just can't be seen entering or leaving.

      I tend to avoid shelters at all costs. They're rampant with thieves and junkies. When possibly, I like to be in the woods and just hike into town. If it's a national park you got to be off the beaten path so the rangers don't find you. Some smaller towns leave it up to the local police to watch the woods which is ideal cause cops are too lazy to find you.

      As far as food goes, there are multiple options. If you take advantage of all of them, they can supplement each other. People throw away a lot of good food so dumpsters and trash cans are great places to scout. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts make for fantastic dumpster diving because they throw out their day olds even though the donuts remain good for weeks.

      One can also offer work or ask if there's any left overs at any food establishment. Even if you get turned down, perhaps a customer will decide to buy you a meal. It never hurts to ask.

      Food stamps don't usually provide enough to survive off by themselves, but they add a good supplement.

      And finally, most places have bumfeeds pretty regularly. Check your local churches or ask the homebums (stationary homeless) to get the scoop on where food gets handed out.

      In short, and I'm kind of fucking over a lot of bums by saying this, but if you don't give a bum money chances are they won't starve. Their dog might though.
      Wow man, you really amaze me. You're pretty much able to survive without using modern day technology, I imagine you must feel in touch with nature. Do you care what people think about you? Where do you clean/wash yourself?

      And how did you ever learn all of this?

      You don't mind me asking all these questions right? I'm intrigued by your lifestyle, and I would definitely love to give it a try sometime when I feel I am prepared and willing. I will be volunteering in Africa or Asia this summer holiday if I can gather up enough money, my motivation partly lies in gettting a feeling of how it'd be to live in such a different environment with minimal technology. As well as selflessly helping other people who don't have it as good (as most people would call it) as we do in western civilisation survival wise. Sorry, don't mean to be hijacking here. Just sharing my motivation and origin of interest.

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      I would not make the thread if I minded. And you tend to learn as you go, other travelers are typically very helpful. I picked up a lot from them. As far as cleaning/washing goes, well there's a reason we're called dirty kids. You grow used to it. To be truthful you smell worse a day after a shower than a week after. The dirt buildup adds a protective layer, and acts as its own mosquito repellent.

      And as far as what people think of me... dude people will always judge you. Even bums judge each other as being oogles or whatever. Some kids will look down on you for not having enough tattoos on your face and some kids will judge you for having too many. Even if you aren't homeless, the homeless will just think of you as a worthless yuppie. People judge, it's what they do. As they say in Braveheart: Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.

      Everything works out in the end, sometimes even badly.

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      Yeesh, I just read through this thread: http://www.dreamviews.com/extended-d...ml#post2075644. Terrible world we live in.

      Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for all the data you have provided; it has proven to be quite useful.
      Be free from passion, unmoved by joy or grief,
      and submit without complaint to unavoidable necessity.
      That is the way of the Stoics.

      "Do you know what happens to those who lose their true purpose?
      Inevitably, they destroy themselves." ~Sax (Kingdom Hearts II.5)

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