Ok, so, in one of my earlier posts I mentioned how much the world sucks and how I'd just like to drift around the world and not be a part of this broken society.

So, I'm twelve years old, and that means I have 10 years give or take to plan this wandering lifestyle-what I'll need, what I won't need, how I'll eat, what I'll do for work-all that stuff.
I already know that I'll need a couple of things:

A really, really good pair of hiking boots. Like the $200 kind.
4 sturdy outfits-very high-quality pair of jeans, athletic underwear, high-quality t-shirt, and canvas jacket.
Large gut-hook knife
High-quality mountain bike.

I need your help to figure out how I'm going to find money (I'm very good at logic, thought, spatial reasoning and geometry) how I'm going to carry all the things I need while still traveling light.
I will appreciate all your help and remember-I have 10 years to plan all of this, so we have plenty of time to work everything out. Just jot down your rough ideas, and hopefully we can perfect them.
Thank you!