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      Tell me about diabetes in cats.

      I think my cat has just died from diabetes and i would like your help in confirming my suspicions.These were her symptoms: obesity, vomiting, and a thin coat were the longterm ones (three years or so of vomiting(we just thought she was gorging herself and then couldn't hold it and the vet didn't look into it) she recently started having problems with her coat but the vet wrote it off as flea allergies) the most recent symptoms were urinating in places she wasn't supposed to, heavy and labored breathing with drooling(not foamy), lethargy for a couple days in a row but then she would be fine again but have a relapse into the breathing and drowsiness in a couple more days.we made a call to the vet and they said to make an appointment and we did but she died today and her visit was supposed to be next week.to me the symptoms remind me of diabetes but i was wondering if any of you had any other ideas.
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      Send a PM to Burns. She may eventually see this thread, but she is our resident vet and all-around crazy cat lady, so she could probably give you a better answer than any of the rest of us.

      I'm sorry to hear about your cat.
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