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      Listening to sleep music with wake back to bed music. SP?

      Someone in the comments wrote that he saw a creepy girl sitting next to him, the other it's the scariest thing in the world... is this true? I'm Twelve, don't won't to be traumatized by the most realistic nightmare out there.

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      I belive this thread will explain better stuff than i would:

      Thought i guess i'il just throw my two cents in aswell:

      The thing that those people were talking about was REM Atonia not the actual Sleep Paralysis which is medical condition
      Rem Atonia is not dangerous nor is scary but it might be if you make it yourself 'scary'
      And there's also popular misbelief that you can't move during it
      But that's not truth
      If you want to move then you can move with enough conscious effort.

      Seeing or hearing non-existing stuff is just part of transitioning into a dream world
      It can't harm anybody in any way.

      This process happens everytime we start to enter the dream world (So few times a night)
      But we don't remember it since our consciousness is off during that time.

      When dreams forms it starts with shapes or low quality images and eventualy sounds
      As the time passes images start to gain better quality aswell they become 3D
      They will start forming eventually into small scenes.
      And one of the scenes will in some time start covering your whole sight till you are fully in dream.

      That's all there's to it

      The guy who saw some creepy girl might've been on a way to a cute dream in which he and her fall in love
      but due to meeting Rem Atonia unprepared he freaked out due to seeing incomplete image of her and therefore destroyed the process (As you know when you close your eyes in dark place everything you will probably see will be color 'black'. So placing Dream Character and dream scene of his room gives this what freaked him out?)

      Also those shapes and scenes during dream forming can be controlled same way we can control our dreams
      So if one meet unprepared rem atonia he might've thought that he's attacked by demons or something similiar, i don't know.
      And if he saw during process any scary stuff then it was stuff that he spawned by thinking such stuff himself.

      But worry not. Even if you accidently spawn something creepy during rem atonia then no need to be afraid or shock up
      Afterall it does not exists, can't hurt you. You can easily remove it either by words or intention, and maybe even spice stuff up and turn it into something funny

      If you have any other questions i'il try to answer them,
      You can add me aswell on steam if you want, that way i could answer you faster than on forum
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