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      Question Can you experience a Dream induced lucid dream during Non - rapid eye movement sleep?

      I was just wondering if this is possible? I sometimes have to use an uncomfortable technique if i want to dramatically increase my chances of experiencing a DILD.

      I put both my arms behind my back whilst lying down and take two medium sized rubber bands, so they're around both my wrists, then i hold a medium sized book and have my fingers grabbing around it so most of my fingers are underneath the book. I have long arms so my hands are sort of cushioned by my butt. but does partially hurt after a while. This however when tried allows me to occasionally realise i'm dreaming during a dream I.E. DILD.

      But is it possible that if i attempt to use this for direct sleep when i'm very tired that i will DILD?? i usually use it with WBTB but i keep going through the same process which is wake up early on alarm + use rubber bands and book technique, convince myself i'm too awake to use technique, so decide to lye down for a little while but then end up falling asleep for an hour or 2, there by wasting an opportunity to DILD.

      I should also mention that WILD rarely works for me being "comfortable" simply leads me to falling asleep instead of lucid dreaming. so yea can a Dream induced lucid dream occur during non rapid eye movement sleep? if so will it be "fuzzy" as a sometimes read about? thank you for answering

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      its hard to measure....when you are in rapid eye movement sleep, and to be frank I don't think it really is releveant as its not a fixed thing when exactly in your sleep cycle you will dream. For example I just had maybe 3 hours sleep for the night? not much but still got a recall out of it.

      I use to think that it would be easier to become lucid if I was more tired cause of being easier to fall asleep. Not true and you likely to go unconsious it's still no easier. Most success I have had is after a fair amount of sleep, during morning time, that inbetween wake and not awake state, sometimes I get sleep paralysis from it (can potentially be creepy if you got some issues) other times I can leave directly my consiousness from that state and I think thats the best way to be lucid. Either way you need your health and a properly sleep cycle that helps.

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