Hey, guys. I had an experience several days ago that I thought I might share. I am in a summer program that helps you get into college, and one of the classes I am taking while I am here is an acting and improv class. For one of our first excercizes, our instructor wanted us to lay on the floor, feet down, with our hands residing lightly on our stomachs, with our eyes closed. He wanted every person to synchronize their breath with the people next to them, and make sure that everyone was breathing in complete unison. He talked about the rules and the expectations he had for the class while we were doing this excercize.

My internal experience was a very surprizing, yet neat-o one. While laying there, trying to complete the task at hand, I felt my body experiencing vibrations, and imagery, just as one might experience from WILD. Even when we finished the excercize, my body was still feeling the vibrations...While I was fully awake. Anyway, I just thought that was really neat. Has anyone had any experience with guided meditation for dreaming of WILDing? I think it could possibly be a very powerful tool for mastering such a task.