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      Dreams influenced by radio

      Everyone's seen the cartoon where one guy is sleeping and another guy whispers "cookies" into the sleeping guy's ear. The sleeping guy then starts drooling and eating his pillow.
      Well, for two nights in a row, I was awoken by my alarm clock, but had peculiar dreams before waking. In the first dream, I had been raiding a base straight from Team Fortress 2. As I was entering the base with my team, Arkady wasn't allowed in because he had a criminal record. I woke up 5 seconds later, just in time to catch the end of a crime pardoning service. I had a similar expirience the night after, but I can't recall the details right now.

      Getting down to the point, I never thought that things your waking ears hear could be heard by your dream ears. More importantly, could this be used to gain lucidity? Does anyone already do this? If so, please explain the details.

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      so weird! i was ABOUT to post this question dang you beat me to it! i dunno but i get the same thing! if i fall asleep with the t.v. on then i have found my dream is somehow influenced by what my mom is watching/what is on t.v. for example one time i fell asleep on the couch. an had a dream i was in a singing contest then i woke to find my mom watching american idol! (when i was awake she wasnt even watching american idol, so i know i wasnt influenced before i fell asleep) seirously i was like theres no way.... then the last time it happ. i fell asleep again on the couch with the t.v. on an had a dream with bear grills in it (from man v.s. Wild) and woke up to find my mom watching man v.s. wild! it was so freaky esp. since before i fell asleep she was watching wasnt watching it. i definitely think this can be used to get lucids......somehow

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      I've slept with my TV for the last 15 years, and it maybe has an effect on my dreams once every two or three months (that I can recall). From personal experience, you only can pickup on noises when you are in light sleep, ie. right before dreams or right when you are exiting them. Doesn't mean you can't try, but your body does a good job blocking out the noises.


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