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      creepy precog dream

      I wish I had some way of proving to folks that this wasn't bullshit, but I have to tell someone. This morning around 9 am my boyfriend woke up to tell me that he had a terrible dream that Julian Assange had been taken in by the police on rape charges and was murdered in his jail cell before seeing a judge. I asked him if he has prophetic dreams and he said it happens way too often (this is the guy who thinks that everything supernatural is bullshit, go figure).

      So we finally woke up for realsies later on in the morning and he asked me to check the news. Thankfully, the charges were dropped and the whole "murdered in jail" thing never had a chance to happen, but it was not a good morning.

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      Just looked him up. He's a badass. Definitely a target for the New World Order AKA Freemasons AKA Templars AKA Illuminati.
      ya gwan fok wid de Baron? ye gotta nodda ting comin. (Formerly known as Baking Nomad.)

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