I had this dream a few nights ago that I felt like I have had before for some reason, but don't exactly recall actually having it. There were a lot of different "realms" that I was in in this dream. The most significant parts included this girl of about age 6-10 I can't recall EXACTLY. She had these eyes that were really pretty and stared "right through you". She was wearing a sort of fancy type dress, like one of those ones with the poofy shoulders like princesses wear in fairy tale movies I guess. I remember following her throughout these "realms" which were really confusing and I was floating above everything the majority of the time. I remember falling off of a large tower/castle looking thing next to a highway?? Then I woke up. For some reason I immediately thought this girl was my sister. Funny, I don't have a sister. However, my mom has said to me a few times about how she had a misscarraige when I was around 2 or 3. I am in my mid teens now and I wan't to know if this was in fact my sister. I have a friend that is sensitive to the spirit world and she has seen this girl around us when we were hanging out, and she described the same girl I saw in my dream. If anybody can help please do. Thanks.