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      OBE I had recently

      A few weeks ago my cat passed away and i felt at the time that i didn't spend enough time with her before she died. The night she died my parents told me to go out, but i wanted to stay in at the same time. when i got back that night i couldn't get to sleep for a while.

      When i finally got to sleep this is what happened in my experience:
      I was in my bed and could see this green light moving around quickly in my room and i couldn't make out what it was. I went to follow it out my room and looked back to see myself in my bed. When i turned back around to see where i was going my cat jumped towards me. It had this weird green glow and kept making this distressing cat noise and then it started scratching me. At first i didn't feel anything, but then on the third scratch the pain was soo bad it woke me up. when i woke up i wasn't to sure on what just happened but my face was really hurting. I went to the toilet and just before i got back into bed i looked in my mirror and i had three scratches on my face.

      My mum said it was me who proberly scratched myself on the face, but i bite my nails alot and as a result, it would be very hard for me to scratch myself.

      anyone had something similiar ?

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      wow thats crazy!! My dog shelly died who I was extremely close with. She was the most loving best dog I've ever met. She has been in two of my dreams. In one I looked at the ground and she just appeared there, without me expecting it. she was rubbing against me and I was petting her for a few minutes before I woke up. It felt like it was really her....

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      Actually if you bite your nails you are more likely to scratch yourself because your nails are all jagged. I would know...I bit my nails for like 17 years. Anyways...if you've never scratched yourself before in your sleep I don't really see why you would just start all of a sudden...so who knows...maybe it was your cat. Though I don't know why it would want to hurt you like that. I dream about my dog at least once a week. When he first passed it was even more often. We used to have conversations in my lucid dreams. It's been a year now though and it sort of breaks my heart everytime I see him so I usually just wake myself up.

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