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      Pets in shared dreams

      Of course pets show up in dreams as Dream Characters occasionally, but How many of you believe you actually share dreams with your pet? I think it happened twice early on with my previous cat and I think on the second time we both were a bit lucid and it freaked him out! He didn't appear in a dream again for about a decade towards the end of his life. My current cat appeared in a bunch of dreams about a year ago and I think a similar thing happened and it stopped. But I had a cat previous to these two who showed up in my dreams fairly regularly, and his appearance often resulted in making me semi-lucid. One situation that reoccurred several times is where I'm walking down a hallway with a group of dream friends headed to something like a class but I'm holding my cat in my arms and had to break away from them to detour to sort of a one large room apartment to drop my cat off. This happened several times and I have a fairly good recall of the details of the apartment.

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      Im not entirely sure if this could happen or not, but damn, It would be awesome if it could! I suppose animals have the power to dream, but are they able to become lucid? It doesnt sound like complete nonsense to me. I guess the only way to test if they could really share dreams with you would be to somehow tellepathically communicate with them... anything is possible in a lucid .

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      I'm pretty sure I shared a dream with my dog. He seemed lucid. He jumped 12 feet over a fence and he's a tiny dog. Also I think animals are much more likely to be lucid in dreams, because they are more aware of whats going on than humans are normally.
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      I have seen my friend Raven Knight's black cat, Shadow, in shared dreams between the both of us. Shadow transforms into a winged black panther. So, yes I believe you can share dreams with animals, especially cats because they sleep so much. I think one reason they do is because they love to dream.
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      I've had a couple of dreams with my cat in them. She was playing in the first one a long time ago and today's dream seemed to be exploring. I think I do believe my cat might have had a shared dream with me. I think she was sleeping too when I was sleeping.

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