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      Dreaming about people you have never met... does it mean anything?

      Well, I've always dreamed of people I have never met (meaning I see people in my dreams that I speak and interact with, but I've never met them in real life). I know this is probably normal, but I really got thinking about what it could mean.

      it would seem that there is probably a person alive that looks just like the person I am dreaming about, ... I mean it is possible - especially when the dreams are so vivid and you can really see what the person in the dream looks like.

      My thought on the subject is that you are possibly on the same level of consciousness or dream plane as another person, that you have never met, and they appear in your dream (not necessarily the same dream or a shared dream though).

      I also got to thinking if people met/interacted with someone that looked just like me in their dream, even though I have never met the person, or the person never saw a picture or anything of me.

      Now, maybe I am just totally incorrect, and people in our dreams are all configurations of people we have met (even if for just a second, or possibly a mixture of different people we have met) ... or just 'dream characters' created by our subconscious.
      But I just wanted to pose the theory...

      any comments? ideas?

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      I think they are just creations of the brain instead of other dreamers, otherwise, someone somewhere in the world is having nightmares lol
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      I think its both. Some are definitely the mindless zombies who are the average dream character, but others have a presence which makes them seem like more than subconscious filler.

      I don't believe that dreams happen exclusively inside our brain and are an isolated universe, so the concept of meeting other people in dreams fits into my world view; but since it is unexplored territory, you really need to make up your own mind.

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