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      Feeling of spiders crawling on my head

      The following has happened to me for years.
      I get a sensation of very tiny spiders crawling on my head, beneath my hair. 'Spiders' is just the best way I can think to describe the sensation. There can be about 1-5 at a time that I feel, each moving individually.
      • The sensation usually appears only once I pay attention to it, or I might only realize I'm feeling it once I pay attention to it, sort of like your brain ignoring the constant sound of a fan.
      • It happens most often at night while lying in bed, but if I pay attention during the day I can feel it too a bit, but not as strongly as at night.
      • I cannot get this feeling on any other part of my body, no matter how hard I try to feel it.
      • I can control the paths of the 'spiders' somewhat, but it's difficult, and it seems there are some places on my head that I can't make them go, as though they're on tracks. The controlling reminds me a lot of my ability to control my movements during OBEs.
      • I feel them very clearly. As far as my senses are concerned, they feel completely real, not imagined, but the touch is very light and doesn't startle me.
      • When this happens, the way they move makes me feel like they're little machines scanning my brain.

      I don't believe in the supernatural at all. Just thought I'd say that, since this post might make it sound like I do. I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing, or anything similar, or has any thoughts on it. I probably won't agree with supernatural explanations, but they're still welcome. Writing it out in words for the first time, it does sound very strange.

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      This happens to me when I have low circulation to my scalp.
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      That's weird. But I do get the same feeling. Except I get it on my legs...and arms sometimes. Mostly when I lay in bed. I think its my blood circulation.

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