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      Lucid dreaming or Astral projection?

      So, I get sleep paralysis a lot, sometimes even when I just fall asleep at my desk in school. Sometimes when I get sleep paralysis, I can lucid dream. I mostly just decide to go places, like once to a farm and then I made myself fly through some snowy woods lol. But even though I fly and decide where I want my dream to take place, I don't watch myself sleep, so it's not an AP. But sometimes when I get sleep paralysis, I feel myself float across the room, and my eyes are always closed,so i never see where in the room I float to. I always seem to have a pretty good Idea though. My sleep paralysis takes a good twenty seconds to go away, and I quit floating once I can move again. What is this qualified as?

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      I don't beleive it's SP as you would probably just collapse on the floor in class - you will be using some strain in your muscles to hold yourself up even with your head on the desk so will not enter SP - but the feeling of floating or spinning with your eyes closed in class is something i can relate to as i get it and was recently wondering what it was - no idea though unfortunately , maybe it's a sort of AP without SP or maybe its part of your hallucagenic imagery turning into the feeling of floating.

      Well maybe we should both experiment? XD would be nice to find out what it is.

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