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    Thread: Astral Spinning

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      Astral Spinning

      Has anyone here experienced the spinning sensation just before AP'ing/OBE'ing? Where your astral body spins? its actually part of the main technique used to OBE where you try to feel your astral body and spin yourself around to get out of your physical body. I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about.

      Well to get to my point, I lay down on my bed last night to go to sleep and within a few minutes I felt that strange spinning sensation. I decided to focus on it and make it spin faster and stronger. I managed to get the speed up very fast and I was spinning so fast that I was afraid of what might happen if I continued doing it, I was afraid my physical body might fail or something bad might happen because I was no way near ready to sleep. My mind was still very active and my body not ready for sleep. It was like being fully awake with a strong spin going on.

      I'm curious as to what this actually is? is it like I say just your astral body spinning? what would happen if I continued to spin faster and faster while fully conscious and not ready for sleep? Would really like some more info on this!

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      I will be in a lucid dream and just start spinning around almost inside myself. Then I usually have vibrations and project out of body within a dream the instant I project everything is more vivid and my lucidity rises. No idea what this is all about... Just another mystery in the meta-physical world

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