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      Dreams of Other People's Perspective, Past and Future

      I don't know what some of these dreams mean but i will have dreams of doing things that or normal or just feel like they have happened, but the thing is my dreams are most of the time correlated to things to come, its like my dream will give me hints of what to come, but anyways what im getting at is ive had dreams of seeing this girl ive known and in my dreams i will see her and hang out with her in my grandmas neighborhood where my other friends are,(which are the people i feel like im using as my perspective in dreams), but the thing is at my grandmas neighborhood there was this camper my friend had but he sold it a year ago, and in my dreams the camper is still there and we are chilling in it and when people talk to me in these dreams its like they are talking to someone else and not me but they look directly at me and ask questions that they dont ask me but ask other people. What my main point is, HAS ANYONE HAD ANY DREAMS WHERE THEY FELT LIKE THEY ARE EXPERIENCING, IN OTHER PEOPLES 1ST PERSON VIEW, OCCURRENCES THAT HAVE HAPPENED WHEN THEY WEREN'T EVEN THERE AND THEN LATER CONFIRMED THOSE EVENTS WITH PEOPLE THAT THE EVENT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO?
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      It's amazing to find someone who's had similar experiences.
      A few months ago I wrote something on facebook, went to sleep after and had a dream. This dream was from not my point of view, I didn't know until later. To me, it was me liking what I wrote, but then I realised it was this girl who I know who is also in a lot of my dreams. I woke up, then went back to sleep and experienced it again. The next morning I went on facebook and it had really happened.

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      That's actually pretty cool! I've had a dream about being another person, well actually two other people, before but I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean anything. I was some soldier in the Red Army fighting the Germans, but when I turned the corner of a ruined building a German soldier appeared with an MG 42 and killed me. But for some reason, instead of getting sent to purgatory like I did in that other dream where I died, I woke up still in the dream, but I was some completely different person, I woke up as an SS officer sitting on a wooden chair in some room and whose hat was sitting on a bookshelf beside me. I don't remmeber what happened after that...

      I think this dream doesn't mean anything, merely because I study military history all the time, but the fact that I was two different people other than myself and the other fact that every uniform and gun in the dream was very historically accurate freaks me out a little.

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