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      did i astral view?

      i woke up in the middle of night, i was just lying there going bck to sleep. i was probably half asleep or more, but i was fully conscious. then i realised that i could see a door. not in my head like when you visualise. but in my eyes just like normal sight. it wasnt like a dream. i knew i was in my bed and could feel my body in my bed. but i could see this door. that is all i remember i must of passed out and gone to sleep.
      i wasnt sure what this was although im pretty sure it wasnt a dream. and then i heard about astral viewing or astral sight and thought maybe thats what i did?

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      I'm gonna say hallucination...

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      When I saw my room with astral view, I was already hovering over my body, my awareness had shifted a few inches above it and I could not feel my real body.

      But I projected only a few times, so I can's say for sure, that this is how it always goes.

      I have been doing this visual excercize, when I stare at a point above my door, then I close my eyes and try to visualize it. What happens, I see the posters on each side of the door in reversed color (dark is light and light is dark), but the door, I see exactly as it is, to the smallest detail, in 3D, in real colors. Not sure what it means, but it fascinates me. Maybe what you saw, was some kind of a image residue. I hope, someone will give you better answer.

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