Lucid Dreaming for Beginners (Part One) - YouTube
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uploaded by ReeceJones87 on 28-September-2007

Hya, Iím Reece Jones

Iím doing a video today on Lucid Dreaming for Beginners. So, any fully fledged oneironaurts out there, you probably want to skip-over this video because itís just the very basics of learning how to lucid dream. Itís about:

Dream Journals
Dream signs
Reality checks

Very simple, basic stuff.

However if you are a beginner listen-up itís the video for you. So right, first of all, the first thing, the very first most basic thing. And it might seem obvious to people but it is vita Ö Dream Journal Ö You have to keep a dream journal.


If youíre gunna learn how to lucid dream you need a nice big book. You donít want a small, little note pad, youknow, so youíre scrawling little notes in there and you havenít got room to write it all properly. You want a nice BIG Book. So, for example, hereís my Dream Journal.

So as you can see itís a big book. You can see by my hand how big it is


Nice big book.

And you want to keep it by your bed. This is vital. You donít wanna leave it on the desk or down in front-room or, youknow, if you brought it into the bathroom to write it or write your dreams down in the bath. Donít do it, donít do any of this. You need to keep it in one specific spot.

And this is so youíve got easy access to it, soon as you wake-up and youíve got your dream recall you can just go BANG, there it is, thereís my dream journal. Pick-it-up write-it-down. Thereís no looking round for it. And as you look around for it you could be losing bits of the dreams, losing details of the dreams, etcetera, etcetera. So just have it in one spot.

Before you go to bed every night obviously just write down the date.

What I do is I normally right down, for example, if I was going to bed on the 24th of September, but then the dreams would then be going over into the 25th, because obviously youíre going to bed before midnight and it stretches over into a different day. So for example Iíd write 24th/25th September dreams. The next night Iíd do 25th/26th September dreams.


Another thing, itís not vital, itís optional, itís something I do, is I also in brackets by that I write down the time Iíve gone to bed. Then also when I wake-up obviously Iíd write the time for when Iíve woken back-up. So by that I can kind-of gage how many periods of REM Iíve been through. And also it just good to know how long you are sleeping for.

You donít want to be sleeping any more or any less than about 7 or 8 hours a night, maybe 6 or 7 if youíre a bit older. But like I said thatís optional thatís not a necessity. But itís something I like to do.

Then, what you want to do is get your dream recall up-to around one or two dreams a night. The more the better obviously.

Then you want to continue this untill you have a fairly large selection of dreams to analyse. I donít know, two or three weeks worth maybe even a month. Donít rush this bit cos this is the (3:33) foundations that youíre building everything else upon. So you want to get this bit down perfect.

Dear Dreamviewís friends

Ok, I will do this from now till this time next month then I will come back to this thread and Transcribe a bit more and start looking for my dreams signs.