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    Thread: Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and other Super Natural Beings in Dreams

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      Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and other Super Natural Beings in Dreams

      I am skeptical about many topics. However super natural beings (gods/goddesses, angels, demons, spirit guides, etc) still strike my curiosity.

      When I was in high school I was experiencing severe social anxiety and avoidance from my peers. During that period of feeling unwanted, I had two separate but similar dreams. I dreamed of a black and gold camel laying in the middle of the library (a place I frequently withdrew to during school hours) who my dreamself would lean against. I felt safe, warm, protected, and wanted. It was odd, because no one except me seemed to notice this huge animal in building!

      Years later I researched "black camels". To my surprise, the images I found of black camels, which I did not see previous to my dream years before, looked almost exactly like the one in my dream.

      I have not seen this camel in any other dream since. And it might seem weird, but I still feel comforted by the thought of him, as if he is still here SOMEWHERE.

      I don't know if this camel was something my mind created or an actual being that appeared to comfort me. Has anyone else experienced a guide/angel/being of some sort that appeared in a dream? What do you think of this?
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      Many people experience and seek out dream guides. I responded to another thread just tonight on the subject.

      Angels, supernatural beings and other nifty characters are very common in dreams.

      I think it's neat you dreamed of an animal to bring you comfort. It's great to connect with an animal when you're feeling lonely. They never seem to judge.

      Whether your mind created it or it appeared to you is something only you can figure out, but it made an impression on you and gave you comfort, so I honestly don't think it matters how it happened.

      I hope you meet that camel again.

      Happy dreaming, fellow Texan!

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      I'll just copy what I wrote in another post into this post since its about the same topic:

      Getting into the topic of DCs being imaginative figures or astral entities in our dreams can open up a metaphysical debate on if there is something on a parapsychology level within our dreams. If we believe or follow other dreamers or deceased individuals (or guides, angels, etc) can cross into our dreams than we’re saying there’s a lot more going on than what we perceive. Personally I believe…and just believe….that our lucid dreams fall into the lower mental or astral planes. Its one step from full consciousness. Maybe at times when we go Lucid and start traveling around and fall back into non-lucid dreams of bizarre nature we’re falling into someone elses dreams? All this is just theory/speculation as it will always be when dealing with metaphysics and parapsychology of this level.

      A theory is every time we sleep we slightly are out of tune with our bodies in a unconscious state but through Lucid Dreaming and projection we become aware and can reach higher levels or planes/focus levels. We float (our energy, astral body, dream body, whatever you want to call it) just above or below our physical and we become aware and more in control of it as we LD or AP and especially when we make ourselves more aware of this as time goes on.

      One thing to note is that it might take a longer time for another dreamer or deceased person/angelic being to cross into another ones dream if at all possible. Especially for most a lucid dream is only a few minutes so not enough time for a real entity to come in/out especially one might know. I’ve called out names of deceased people in my dreams and before I can even get a reply I’m awaken again.

      One belief can be the entities s we meet are when we lucid dream and find ourselves in a landscape not familiar to us are either cross over dreamers or disembodied persons we either stepped upon in their realm or they somehow came into ours. I had a LD this afternoon while napping. The DC was on my front porch and I said you’re not real this is a Lucid Dream. The DC just said something I didn’t even understand and I ignore it. I believe it was a DC and nothing more (she said her name was Tammy).

      I had an LD about a week and half back where I was in this park I had no clue where or what it was because I never seen it before. Woman were walking around with strange clothing (as if they were a few centuries ahead of us) and they looked very aware. I went up one walking and I said for fun “This is a dream, and you’re not real.” And she said “You’re not Lucid. You’re one plane above it and you don’t belong here.” And it was like a wind just knocked me out of the dream and I woke up.

      I notice some LDs you can change things around and it seems very fantasy like. Others are very serious, real looking, and you can not change anything around and the people seem to be real mirror images or real people that are bounded by cosmic laws.

      Its just hard to say. Obviously if the person in your dreams is alive and awake when you’re sleeping and dreaming of them they are a fantasy created image or double. However if the person is someone you never met before or deceased or alive but sleeping and seems confused than maybe the person is another astral traveler or lucid dreamer that crossed into your dreams. Take notes, keep a journal, and keep an open mind. If something seems not real it probably wasn’t. If a LD seems odd like you’re talking to some guy and he says “how did I get here?” and he’s dressed like it’s 1915 than you might have a cross over spirit somehow get into your dreams . I don’t know…it’s all theory and speculation. Its up for each individual too decide what may be the truth or fiction at least to them in regards to the conscious mind and any higher status it might obtain metaphysical wise. My advice would be is too look at LD as an art, take it serious, and try to explore and learn from it as you would do would say learning how to paint or play the piano or how to become a theater arts actor/actress. Then decide if its just a fantasy of our minds we take control of during sleep...or there's more behind it.
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      Like MealaniB said, only you can decide if the DC is from with in you or is something else. Skeptics do not want to believe and it seems important to them to denie all odd things.
      I have had entities in my dreams going back over twenty years. I personally have no doubt that they exist in the astral and are not part of me.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Wish View Post
      I have not seen this camel in any other dream since. And it might seem weird, but I still feel comforted by the thought of him, as if he is still here SOMEWHERE.
      It seems to me that you are in contact with the camel every time you think of him, as much as you were when you dream. So you could ask him questions, and maybe he'll answer you in intuitions or dreams or experiences.

      You may not get an answer that you understand if your question contains a false premise, such as that the camel is a 'being'. Or the answer may not come for many years in a more opportune circumstance. But my experience has been that I do get somewhere with this if I use what I get back and reinvest it in the process.

      I think there are minds which are aware of objects directly, like how we are aware of thoughts. Such a mind does not need a centralized brain because it can make connections from a distance. We are in these minds.

      When a person becomes aware of a greater mind, he tries to think of it as if it is a glorified human personality. He tries to become the mind, pulling its knowledge into his center of identity where he can control it. Or he tries to worship it, flattering it in hopes of receiving special favor and affection, trying to draw himself into it that way. I don't think that people are to blame for this, I think the confusion is in the greater mind also. Such entities create men, so that they can think and have experience, but there is craving in them, fear, and so the men are cancerous. Instead of working together as parts of the larger mind, they compete to satisfy the craving, breaking the coherence of the larger mind. So the entities can not think clearly, hence the confusion and fear. And where there is more coherence, more power rushes in, eager to influence and control the collective human body, and it fragments again. These entities are not discrete beings though, identity is shared, and there are standpoints from which the picture does not look like this.

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      I think a Dream guide made me have my first lucid dream about 3 years ago xD i was downstairs in my kitchen talking to this Lady in a creamy brown robe just about Dreaming,

      then all of a sudden i said im dreaming omg im dreaming she said yes you are then i looked down at the floor and fell through it and had the best lucid dream ever

      First LD was my Favourite
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